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"The first big engagement inside a fort during World War 1 takes place in the dark underworld of Fort Vaux. Down in the maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors, French and Germans fight ferociously with grenades, guns, bayonets, and flamethrowers. Watch your corners!"

— Description

Fort De Vaux is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion. It takes place during the Battle of Verdun in the German raid of Fort de Vaux in 1916.


Fort Vaux is situated at the edge of a field voided of life by a massive artillery barrage. Trench lines leading up to the fort suggest the gains achieved by the Germans prior to combat within the fort itself. Despite exposure of the fort interior to the outside through various breaches, much of the fort remains operable. Paths outside of the fort allow forces to bypass blocked interior paths, but they also provide plenty of sight to long-ranged weapons.

The fort features no vehicles nor defensive emplacements aside from the occasional machine gun—all combat is strictly between infantry.

Returning from the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion is the use of multiple minimap layers, one for the exterior, and a number for the interior.


Instead of a Behemoth, four Elite Kits spawn for the losing side: one Flame Trooper kit, one Trench Raider kit and two Sentry kits, one wielding the Villar Perosa, the other wielding the MG 08/15.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Frontlines Conquest Domination Operations Rush
South Deployment BF1 German Empire IconA BF1 German Empire Icon BF1 German Empire Icon BF1 French Army Icon
Main Defense Line BF1 German Empire IconB 1A
Trench Line A
Command Post 1BSector 3B
Generator Room B A Sector 3A
Central Courtyard B BF1 Sentry IconA 2ASector 2B
Breach C C BF1 Flame Trooper IconC 2BSector 2A
Barracks BF1 French Army IconB D B 3BSector 1B
Ammo Depot BF1 French Army IconA E 3A Sector 1A
North Deployment BF1 French Army Icon BF1 French Army Icon BF1 German Empire Icon

Trench LineEdit

A secondary trench line guarding the fort:

Main Defense LineEdit

Outside the southern face of the fort.

Command PostEdit

Southwest corner, outside the fort. Parts of this area can be seen from high areas at Breach. A high wall facing the fort overlooks the east side.

Generator RoomEdit

One of two large breaches in the fort's outer wall. The now-outmost archway is reinforced with a wall of sandbags. A doorway on the south end also allows entry. The generators further inside continue to run, possibly obscuring hiding defenders.

Central CourtyardEdit

An open area in the fort interior, with a bridge connecting second-story areas. Tightly connected hallways surround the courtyard, with many doorways opening into it.


A second opening along the east, collapsed by artillery. The area is visible from both deployments in Conquest, allowing for long range combat. The northeast corner outside the fort can potentially hide troops waiting to attack or bypass the breach. Indoors, two hallways lead to other areas of the fort.


A large section in the northeast side of the fort. The walls separating the rooms are partially destructible.

Ammo DepotEdit

Largest of the interior areas, with barred cages hindering passage, and dangling chains potentially revealing any intruders.


Frontlines combat takes place along the artillery-ruined east side of the fort, with some of the interior hallways allowing passage when conditions outdoors worsen.

German forces defend their telegraphs at the trench line. French forces maintain telegraphs in the northern half of the fort.


The entire fort is contested in Conquest, along with the eastern route past openings created by artillery.


Combat takes place in the central areas of the fort, including the northeast Breach, Courtyard, and Barracks.


The second Map of The Devil's Anvil Operation, the Imperial German Army approaches the fort from the southeast (map left), with orders to clear the French Army from the fort.

Sector 1Edit

French forces stand outside the fort, having set up a Main Defense Line and a Command Post at their fallback trench line.

Sector 2Edit

The Germans advance upon the fort itself, taking advantage of access routes through the Central Courtyard and the Breach.

Sector 3Edit

With Germans now inside the fort, the French defend the Ammo Depot and Barracks in the back half of the fort.


Unlike Operations, the Germans attack the fort from the north, pushing the French back towards the southern trenches.

Sector 1Edit

German forces have massed in the north, looking to break in through the Barracks and Ammo Depot. So long as they can make their way indoors, and deter lookouts, artillery barrages called in by wire will not be a problem.

Sector 2Edit

They continue their sweep through Fort De Vaux. Objective A is revealed at the Breach, while Objective B is set under the bridge in the Central Courtyard.

Sector 3Edit

Most of the fort is now under German control. The French continue their resistance at the Generator Room and Command Post, these open areas allowing for more effective artillery coverage.



  • Between the Ammo Depot and Courtyard, a room labelled "Isolement" (Isolation) is blocked off by a heavy steel door and chains. If the player stands in front of the door they will hear unnatural screams followed by a large thud on the door. Though the occupant is not revealed, the easter egg may refer to the use of isolation to treat "shell shock".[1]
  • The map contains 5 hidden vinyls as well as a phonograph that can play them. The vinyl are scattered around the map, hidden behind some objects. Some are easily accessible, while others pose a challenge in getting them. The phonograph can be found at point D (barracks). Following the spring patch, the vinyls can now be picked up and and played on the phonograph for the easter egg hunt.
  • A Megalodon easter egg is hidden on this map, a reference to the Megalodon easter egg from Nansha Strike in Battlefield 4. To trigger the Megalodon, three water valves hidden on the map must first be found and interacted, causing a crater near C Point to fill up with water. After the crater is filled, a grenade must be thrown into a vertical pipe hidden underneath a pile of crates near B Point. The players must then kill three players in the water crater with melee, turning the muddy water red. Shortly after all of this is done, a Megalodon will emerge from the water when any player steps into it, killing them instantly.[2]
  • In the game files this map is named MP_UnderWorld.
  • Bugs can sometimes be seen running out of drain holes around the map.
  • The interior of Fort De Vaux depicted in-game is far larger than the interiors of the real life Fort De Vaux, presumably to allow better gameplay.[3]


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