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A fortress gun is a turret bearing large-caliber guns, often similar to those used by warships as they were developed around the same time. They help protect land fortifications and coastlines, providing their crews a sheltered position from which to attack besiegers. Elaborate bunkers may be built around these turrets to safely store ammunition, as well as holding provisions and bunking for their crews. Leading up to World War I, turrets were improved to withstand attack by high explosive shells.

Battlefield 1Edit

Fortress Gun
Fortress Gun Icon
Main weapon ammunition per reload 2 Rounds

The Fortress Gun is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 on the maps Empire's Edge and Monte Grappa. It is a large artillery weapon found in bunkers on opposite ends of the maps by their respective deployments. On Empire's Edge, the weapon's purpose is to primarily protect the Castello from enemy naval craft, especially the Dreadnought.

While the bunker that houses the fortress gun offers a great deal of protection, enemy players are still able to shoot and kill players who are operating the weapon. The Fortress Gun may also be damaged and destroyed by enemy fire which can be tactically advantageous for those who control the Dreadnought.


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