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clash of clans name: eendenhoofd

I got some suggestions as well.

1. Improved destruction.

Ex: C4 on certain building colums to topple buildings in different ways.

2. More equipement.

Ex: Smoke grenades, flashbangs, nightvision and thermal goggles, wall breaching explosives, incindiary grenades (light buildings on fire).

3. More attachments.

Ex:  Laser, tech-light, red-dot sight, suppressor, vertical grip (your weapon would just get better and better as you would use it and unlock attachemnts, like a leveling system, and in the end, every1 would unlock everything and it would be balanced and fair, and it think every fps gamer would love it).

4. Equipement not disapearing after you die.

Ex: C4 and Claymores would remain there after you died. And in the case of c4, you could detonate it when you wouldrepawn. Like that in rush your team could leave c4 behind, and the enemy would have to clear out the explosives before proceeding, it would add more depth.

5. Improved weather.

Ex: maps could alternate between night and day (in game settings). Maps would have more drastic weather, like take the rain from Grand Bazar x10, make the rain so intense that the vision in then map is reduced, make objects like chairs and posters tumble accross the streets by the wind, show water drops dripping down your soldier's goggles. Make another map in a burning forest, which you can make worse with incindiary grenades). Makes cold frozen maps in blizzards, where in certain parts (where the wind is strong) where you can't see more than 20 feet (you'd see shots on the minimap and search the strom for the enemies, scary).

6. Improved environments.

Ex: building would have doors (lockable) which can be opened (if locked then the door makes a noise when you try to pen it, alerting the people inside, at which point you nee to kick it down and go all rambo on them). Buildings with Basements and cellars (for cover from artillery) even some buildings connected by networks of underground tunnels (which can be caved in with c4). Give mountains the possibility of avalanches (c4), makes rivers pull you slightly down-current. 

7. More complex vehicles.

EX: Tanks, armored in front, weak at rear, we know this well. Now, choppers, how about weak rudders? So if their rudders get shot too much they'l malfunction and the chopper will start twirling around. I'd make awesome crashlandings.

8. maybe a mappack with some weird maps like a volcano that can irrupt or with the eiffel tower that can fall

Hey dudes Here are some ideas for battlefield 4.

1.Include other countries(DICE. Y U NO INCLUDE SWEDEN?)for eg. Maybe Pakistan tries to invade Australia?

2. Realistic modes. So you can choose the original experience or a completely realistic one(one shot one kill) Please add some more suggestions

3. Actual real VOIP for PC. Not that start a party in Battlelog shit.

4. Make every weapon viable in different situations. Some weapons were not good enough to even use is BF3, so only a select few for each class was ever used, and the others were just... There...

5. Dont nerf jets, but buff the Mobile AA Guns.

6. Jumping onto Tanks, opening the hatch, and throwing in a grenade would be very, very cool. (No quick-time events. You would have to jump up onto the tank yourself and press E on the hatch and throw it in on your own).

7. Split Screen on consoles

Just to point out with most modern tanks its impossible since they have coaxial MGs, are extremely fast, combat locks, and theres bound to be freindly infantry around the tank. Everything else is find except the Mobile AA buff.Light Em Up (talk) 20:41, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

1. Yah... But I has to be realistic, not pakis invade straya.

2. Hardcore.

3. Have you ever heard of ventrilo and teamspeak? They provide voip for FREE. Also 99.9% of PC servers say in their banner "JOIN OUR VENT AND TS CHANNEL @ (ETC)."

4. It's called weapon balancing, DICE kinda got it right after 9000+ patches in BF3.

5. Buff AA's? LOLNO

6. Singleplayer, not multi. Why? SUPER IMBA! And Battlefield is supposed to be an authentic war game blah blah blah etc. Not supa kewl mlg pro stuf leik haxing tankz and blowing up the whole crew with a fragmentation grenade.


BFBC2 XM8 Compact ICONDICEpwn7Meds hereXM8AR Large P4F 23:47, April 29, 2013 (UTC)

Here are my ideas for Battlefield 4.

1. Vehicles have a gas tank. In other words, they can run out of gas or get shot and lose gas faster, or blow up indefinately froma grenade underneath. (Good strategy to use a Hummer as a bomb is to shoot the gas tank and when in enemy base, light the gas trail with repair torch) Then support would carry gasoline bottles that refuel vehicles (jets and helicopters don't need refilling, and vehicles run out of gas in 20 minutes maybe?). Gasoline could also be used as a weapon (douse an area in gasoline then have an engineer ignite it).

2. More gun attachments.

-Optical Zoom: Allows you to switch between three levels of zoom (4x, 8x and 12x), is the last scope unlock for sniper rifles.

-Ballistics CPU: Decreases the amount of scope sway when not holding breath. Replaces the bipod or foregrip. Sniper Rifles only

-8x IRNV- Similar to the 1x IRNV in BF3, but exclusive for snipers only. Additionally, IRNV scopes will now be able to see thermals indefinately, not 35 meters or under.

-Dual Wield: Option only for pistols.

-12G Dragons Breath: Shotguns only, shoots very close range, shoots fire that ignite opponent for short time and can ignite gasoline.

3. More realistic gun attachment options. For example, on any gun, you can have just 3 attachments on a gun in BF3, but realistically, you could have 4 or more. You can have a scope, barrel attachment, underbarrel, and side-barrel. Like this set-up I would have loved to use in BF3. Scar-L with KOBRA, Tactical Light, Suppressor, and Foregrip. All these could have been attached to the gun, but were never allowed. I would like to see this implimented in BF4.

4. More vehicles. Thats not to say more military vehicles, but civilian vehicles. In BC2, you could drive a muscle car. In BF3: Aftermath, they added the Rhino Technical. I feel you should be able to drive any vehicle on the map in BF4, from civilian cars to 18-wheelers. But if they are blown up, they are destroyed perminantly. 

5. Realistic Movements. Diving in BF3 was ok, but Black Ops and Black Ops 2 had it down perfectly, and this is something I would like to see. Also being able to shoot while doing this. More movements include sliding under openings, rolling when crouched, etc.

6. Ghille Suits. Bring these back please! 

7. My final request is giving snipers a better chance of surviving. When I play sniper, I sit at long ranges and pick my opponents off at 500m or more. Firstly, scope glare is ok, but could be better, so that it glares only when the sun is hitting you. Why would you have a scope glare in a building or in the shade? Secondly, Snipers have no means of defense other than a motion sensor. Snipers should get bouncing bettys or claymores to have a better defense. Finally, the SOFLAM should also act as a spotter that tells you how far your bullet went. This would allow snipers to better calculate bullet drop.

Trell tiam
  1. Grenade kills tank? OP
  2. Hm...
  • Optical Zoom? Imba
  • Sounds nice, you stole the name from BO2
  • 8x Thermal? OP
  • Call o doody
  • Fire never really worked in battlefield
3. Imba
4. Hm...
5. So you want BF2 dolphin diving? Sounds good to me.
6. Could be optional camo 
BFBC2 XM8 Compact ICONDICEpwn7Meds hereXM8AR Large P4F 23:44, May 6, 2013 (UTC)
I got a few ideas for some new guns to add to the game and ways to balance attachments
AK-47 (High damage, medium range, medium rate of fire, heavy recoil) Assault Rifle
FN FAL (High damage, long range, semi-automatic, low recoil) Carbine
AA-12 (replacing the USAS-12) (Medium damage, short range, full auto, low recoil) Shotgun
MK48 (Medium damage, medium range, full auto, medium recoil) LMG
AS50 (High damage (around 95 or so) Very Long range, Semi-Auto, High recoil) Sniper Rifle
RSASS (Medium damage, Long range, Semi-Auto, Medium recoil) DMR/EBR Rifle
Desert Eagle (High damage, short range, semi-auto, High recoil) Handgun
AT-4 (High damage, medium range, ???, ???) Launcher
XM25 (High Damage, Medium range, Semi-auto, HIgh recoil) Launcher, 25mm airburst, setable range

IRNV Scope: This sight had many problems in BF3. For one, it only could see up to around 35-45 meters. A real IRNV can see indefinately, but in BF3 would become overpowered quickly. My suggestion is the IRNV scope will slowly allow you to see further away the longer you have it scoped in, which would allow the heat from a body close up to be seen sooner than heat from another further away. This range of heat would be capped at around 100-150 meters for most guns. Sniper rifles should get the IRNV scope with more zoom. There was one in BF3 Campain, but was unavailiable in Multiplayer. I would think in order for it to be balanced, it should be a 6x scope with a maximum heat range of 500 meters.
Extended Magazines: To be short, ExMag gave way too much ammo. ExMag in military use does not double your ammo, but increases it anywhere from 20% to 40%. This should be availiable for ALL guns, not just PWDs, Shotguns, and LMGs.

Jack of All

Might be a bit late but I can't resist.

  • More customizing; different camos for each body part (body, head, etc.).
  • Optinal ghillie suits after some Recon score. Earn (more unique ones through Assignments?) camouflages for different environments. Ghillies make more noise whilst moving.
  • Toggle-able wind mechanics on Hardcore modes; also affects ghillie suits. Wind strength also varies for each map.
  • CHINOOK AND/OR BLACKHAWK. Chinook is strictly transport, but has faster flare recovery than other helis.
  • Laser/flashlight put in same category as bipod and foregrip.
  • No low-powered scopes on semi snipers.
  • Rebalance SMGs/PDWs (UMP & PDW-R were ridiculous)
  • 2x IRNV scope (not too much zoom otherwise overpowered), darker camos have better effect.
  • Slightly less bullet drop on suppressors.
  • No ext. mag on belt-fed LMGs.
  • C4 given to Recon, but only when PDW/SMG is equipped.
  • Mastery dogtags require less kills depending on weapon.
  • Weapon held differently to allow more peripheral vision.
  • One-use medical syringes in Medic/assault class (not sure if medic will be mixed with assault again). 3x syringes given to non-medics with ammo specialization, syringes replenished by medic kits. Only 1 syringe for non-medics w/out ammo spec. Syringes regen .25-.50 health.

New Person...

I don't really care for anything except a fly able V-22 Osprey and an MI-8.

My Ideas...

The gasoline and fire thing would be cool. I want more vehicles...



Transport: Blackhawk

Heavy Transport: Chinook

Support: V-22 Osprey

Attack: Apache

Scout: Little Bird


Attack: F-22

Support: F-15E Strike Eagle

Rush only: F-35 Lightning


Normal: MRAP

Rush only: MTVR


MBT: M1 Abrams

Tank Destroyer: M1128


IFV: M1126

Rush only: M2A3 Bradley


Main Spawn: USS Nimitz

Attack: BF4 Alpha Patrol Boat

Scout: RIHB

Destroyer: Arleigh Burke Class

Submarine: Seawolf Class

Players will have the option to bombard land in some maps or other ships from a turret in a destroyer. In water only maps, players spawn in a submarine and shoot torpedos at enemy ships. Destroyer will have a scout helicopter spawned on the back landing deck. And subs have an RIHB boat waiting at top.

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