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I tweeted to battlefield and they said it was a great idea but I should find out what the community thinks about a survival mode. I thought instead of some dinosaurs that you can knife I think it would be better if there was an alien invasion featuring 3 game modes if possible. They are:

  • Invasion-the aliens invade and the humans defend you should be allowed to choose any weapon from any country because there should be a new force for this there should be planes on this mode to take out incoming alien drop pods or hostile alien craft. The way to win is to stop the first mass landing and the way to loose is if they take over your satellite place or something like that. I think there should be a cinematic after and as far as the story goes you are going to lose but you can still win but they will just launch another attack( new round)
  • Survival -when the aliens take over they destroy most of the place soit will look like after an earthquake (aftermath)you are supposed to survive so you should try and be quiet and not get noticed kinda like DayZ I don’t really have a lot to say about this game mode but you can try and complete the puzzle.
  • Payback-after your survival you will rally up and join for the final attack on the alien camp this should be some kinda rush where you have yo destroy their power source or it should be titan mode only that there is one mother ship.

That’s all I can think of please tell people about it and you can try and edit it all the game mode names are not the best so you can change them and please try and let the community know.

But how would you like to have a survival mode?

  • Call of duty zombie style
  • Dayz style

Comment and don’t forget dice is looking at this post. Thanks User:TheFallenHawk

1) these ideas are just wierd. Where would the aliens come from? This is a First Person MILITARY Shooter, not a goddamn alien invasion game.

2) Vocabulary. that is all

3) No, Battlefield shouldnt have survival. User:

Well yes, I would love a survival mode, but not against aliens. You could start with the default loadout of whatever class you choose, and use points from the enemies you killed to buy new weapons, gadgets, attachments, specializations, and even vehicles. It would just have to be against HUMANS. User:Skullvondude

I want to be able to play against humans. Not stupid aliens. That is the dumbest idea ever. That is the ONLY thing I like about MW3 and I only play extremely rarely because of that. If BF3 had one that would just seal the deal for me on having the 99.9% best game ever to having the 100% best game ever!! Seriously I think this game is flawless other than that one little addition that would just make it that much better. A survival mode just like MW3 but BF3 style. I'm not for all this aliens, zombies, and especially dinosaur garbage... That's for my nieces and nephews to play on the wii... User:

If by "aliens" you mean "foreign soldiers", sure, why not? Even in Battlefield not everyone wants to (or is able to) play against others. Quite a few people only like single-player modes, or want a break from getting stomped by 100 Star colonels. You just have to adapt the mode for the sort of things you'd see in Battlefield:

  • C4 rammers
  • Zip code snipers
  • well-coordinated squads
  • "hackers" with rapid-fire grenade launchers or other tweaked weapons
  • vehicles!
and so on. I'd like to see how it goes when you have tanks with repair guys rolling in, and your only way of fighting back is to steal their RPGs. Nayhem (talk) 23:20, September 24, 2012 (UTC)

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