I would like to know what sniper rifle works best with anyone and I have all sniper rifles but i just dont know which one to use or what attachments work best with them.If anyone can help please do and if you want to have me as a friend i play on PC on origin on weekend and my name there is Fireshot 2003
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In terms of only bolt-action sniper rifles, the best one for designated old-school sniping, is the M98B. It has the highest bullet velocity out of any of the sniper rifles, which is pretty much the only thing that matters at very long ranges. Equip it with a bipod, laser sight and a high magnification scope (but do remember to turn the laser sight off as soon as aiming). If you are a more mobile recon player, either the SV98, or the M40A5. M40A5 has the defacto highest fire rate of any bolt-action (although lowest bullet velocity), while the SV98 has the best hipfire (if you really count on no-scoping). It's a good idea to learn to use either the 3.4 or 4x zoom scopes to get rid of the lens flare with these rifles. Finally, with any bolt-action sniper, do NOT under ANY circumstance use the flashlight as an attachment instead of laser sight. If you run into an enemy in close quarters, you are dead meat if you rely on your sniper rifle to kill him with a second shot, which is optimistic considering the lousy hipfire accuracy (which the laser sight helps greatly on)

In terms of semi-auto snipers, it's a bit more difficult to say. SKS is definitely the best for going all out aggressive recon with a red dot sight on a close quarters map. But for actual sniping, the M39 EMR is the undisputed king, as it has the highest bullet velocity and fire rate amongst the 50-37.5 damage snipers. You might argue that the M417 is better for its higher capacity, but it's accuracy is terrible, especially with foregrip, and its muzzle velocity is painfully slow. But bottom line is, forget about the SVD, MK11 and QBU-88. They have no redeeming qualities to them at all. - Mooghens

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