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"The allies are losing the war in the air. Britain struggles to compete with the German aces and the average lifetime of a combat pilot is 17 days. You must face these bleak odds and take to the skies for a noble fight over the western front. Intense dogfights, unexpected encounters, and a story of friendship await you."
— Official Website Description[1]
Friends In High Places
Through Mud and Blood Avanti Savoia!
BF1 Friends in High Places Poster

Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1


Vosges, France (Test Flight - Fall From Grace)
London, England (Forte Et Fidele)


Spring 1917


Test Flight

  • Approach Fighter to Begin Test
  • Pursue Allied Aircraft
  • Destroy All Target Blimps
  • Use Rockets to Destroy Ground Targets
  • Destroy All Enemy Fighters
  • Repair Your Aircraft
  • Destroy All Enemy Fighters

Total War

  • Destroy Enemy Blimps
  • Destroy Enemy AA Trucks
  • Protect the Bomber Formation
  • Engage Enemy Fighters
  • Protect the Bomber Formation

Fall From Grace

  • Return to Friendly Lines

Forte Et Fidele

  • Destroy Enemy Fighters
  • Destroy Enemy Bombers
  • Destroy Enemy Airships
  • Seize the Flak Gun

Clyde Blackburn


BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Army (Royal Flying Corps)

Default Weapons

Auto Revolver


Flag of the German Empire German Empire

Enemy Weapons

Gewehr 98
MP 18
Selbstlader M1916


Bristol F2.B
Fokker Dr.I
Airship L30
Gotha G.IV
Barrage Balloon
Sopwith Camel
Caproni Ca.5
Artillery Truck
Fokker Dr.I


Field Manuals

Friends In High Places is one of the chapters featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 1.

In this mission, players assume the role of Clyde Blackburn, an American pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. Blackburn is tasked with flying a Bristol F2.B along with a gunner/photographer named Wilson in various reconnaissance and combat missions around the Western front of the war.


Test FlightEdit

Blackburn is playing a game of cards with a British pilot named George Rackham, and ultimately loses against him in an attempt to win his plane. However, Blackburn tied him to a chair beforehand, giving him an opportunity to steal his Bristol F2.B and impersonate as him.

Blackburn then approaches a gunner named Wilson, and introduces one to the other, as they head for the Vosges mountain range, training in the basics of dogfighting. During a testing with the plane's rockets, the German Empire suddenly attack, downing the other plane with them and forcing Blackburn and Wilson to fight them off. Defeating all but one of them, Blackburn decides to tail the lone Fokker Dr.I.

Total WarEdit

While tailing the plane, the duo stumble into the location of a German munitions base. While under heavy fire by the ground units, Wilson manages to photograph it and managed to get pictures. Upon arriving at HQ, Wilson wants Blackburn to promise that if they team up, he will bring him back safe. Blackburn agrees, and Wilson shows the pictures, while praising Blackburn as "one hell of a pilot". The former comments about the latter that he likes him finds him rather blind based on impressions.

Wilson's pictures helped the RFC launch a bombing on the munitions base, and victory here can change the war.

Blackburn and Wilson get back in the air to destroy the German blimps, AA trucks, and planes help guide the incoming bombers. Upon arrival of the bombers, both defend them to successfully send a bombing raid twice.

Fall from GraceEdit

After bombing the base, both were caught off guard by a sudden blast that destroyed a part of plane, soon sending both crashing down into No Man's Land.

Blackburn lands half a mile west from the munitions base, while believing Wilson didn't make it out. He proceeds to find his way back to British lines, while choosing to either avoid or kill the German soldiers in his way, whom he describes as "the Kaiser's finest".

Upon arriving at the crash site, Blackburn finds Wilson, who was stabbed by debris from plane. Believing he has no choice, Blackburn leaves, leading Wilson to question him about loyalty, and the promise made back at the headquarters. Wilson tells that he was a liar, who will kill him. Blackburn soon gets a plank, who proceed to nearly kill Wilson, but was stopped after Wilson reveals that always knew he wasn't Rackham, with Blackburn mocking a smile.

Afterwards, Blackburn proceeds to help Wilson up and aid him back to friendly lines. Avoiding spotlights to prevent his allies from mistaking the two as German soldiers, they soon make it to the other side, while Blackburn realizes that Wilson was right when he called him a liar.

Forte et FideleEdit

At the medic's tent, a soldier commends Blackburn's heroism for carrying Wilson through No Man's Land, but Rackham suddenly appears, revealing Blackburn as a fake and a criminal. Blackburn soon finds himself imprisoned for a court martial. He then encounters Wilson, who says that he will speak out for Wilson, but Blackburn denies it. The German Empire soon raid London, leading Rackham to call Wilson for gunner assistance. Blackburn volunteers, but Rackham declines him. Suddenly, enemy fire kills Rackham and another British Soldier on the ship, leading Wilson to free Blackburn after the latter convinces the former to do so.

The duo then team up again to destroy German planes, bombers, and zeppelins arriving at London to destroy the city. Upon destroying a zeppelin, another AA gun destroys Blackburn's plane, crashing to the top of the other zeppelin containing the gun. They survive and soon try to take the AA gun for themselves.

Blackburn proceeds inside the zeppelin after falling in, killing the German soldiers in his way. After finding the AA gun, Blackburn kills him, allowing him to take control and shoot a zeppelin and planes. After destroying the zeppelin, a German soldier punches him, and Wilson intervenes, engaging in a fist fight while Blackburn destroys another zeppelin. After destroying the zeppelin, it crashes to the zeppelin Blackburn, Wilson, and the German soldier were standing, forcing the three to jump.

Blackburn gets up to the ground from the water, telling the player that his story has different versions, one version showing. Blackburn says not to listen to it, because he says that the whole story of the mission is true... But soon reveals that he himself is as unreliable as the other interpretations.


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