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Frommer Stop IRL

A WWI Frommer Stop in reality

The Frommer Stop is a semi-automatic pistol produced in 1912 by FÉG of Hungary. It was used throughout World War I and World War II by the Hungarian Armed Forces. Designer Rudolf Frommer adapted the design from another pistol that fired .32 ACP (7.65mm) from a seven-round detachable magazine.[1]

A carbine variant of the pistol lengthened the barrel to almost 10 inches, and extends the magazine to 15 rounds.[2]

Battlefield 1Edit

There are two variations of the Frommer Stop in Battlefield 1.

Frommer StopEdit

"A robust WW1 Hungarian magazine-fed pistol that is very quick to deploy. The original Stop name literally referred to its ability to stop an opponent."
— In-game description
The pistol variant, simply named the Frommer Stop, is available as a backup weapon for all classes.

Frommer Stop AutoEdit

"An automatic conversion of the Frommer Stop pistol deployed by the Austro-Hungarians on the Italian front."
— In-game description

The Frommer Stop Auto in carbine form is featured in Battlefield 1 as a primary weapon for the Tanker and Pilot classes. It was first seen in the Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Vehicles video as a customization option.


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