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For the similar training option, see Request Reinforcements

Front Line Medic

Front Line Medic is a Tier 3 equipment expertise training option for the Medic Class in Battlefield Play4Free. It allows players to activate a flare that will allow teammates who die nearby to spawn on them for a short duration.


Front Line Medic is an skill acquired after allocating one training point to the ability. Only one training point may be allocated, and they are no further upgrades for the ability. Once the training point has been used to gain the Front Line Medic skill, the Front Line Flare will be placed in the player's inventory. It must be placed onto the medic's equipment bar in order to be used.

Once within a game, the medic can use deploy the front line flare as a spawn beacon for teammates. Any teammates who die within the nearby area may be spawned upon the beacon - including the medic themselves. Front line flares cannot be spawned upon when they are within the mainbase or nearby a firebase under control of an enemy. Front line flares can be destroyed by allied and enemy fire, and will eventually deactivate.


  • The Front Line Flare, unlike claymores or landmines, are not marked by small icon for allied units. Seemingly allied flares can be enemy spawn beacons, and allies may mistake allied flares as an enemies.
  • The Front Line Flare is immediately deployed within the area when it is selected, and it will take a few seconds before being deployed. Take this into consideration when entering the field.
  • Upon deployment, the Front Line Flare will generate a large amount of smoke towards the left hand side. This smoke may pass through walls and may alert enemies to your flare.


  • The Front Line Medic ability is similar to the Assault Class's Request Reinforcements ability.
  • Using an explosive upon an enemy Front Line Flare will generate a hitmarker with no allocated points.