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A gas grenade is a handheld weapon that delivers a cloud of noxious gas. Depending on the chemical used, the fumes may irritate mucus membranes (e.g. eyes and nose) or skin, or may have more serious effects such as rendering victims unconscious or dead.

Grenades that use toxic chemicals are banned by international law, but may still see illegitimate use.

Modern police and military forces may use non-lethal tear gas to disperse crowds or incapacitate combatants.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Timed fuse grenades that emit a cloud of riot-control tear gas. Those caught without protection suffer blurred vision and are wracked with coughing, making it impossible to aim accurately."
— Gadget Description

A Gas Grenade is a tear gas weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline. The caused effects can be nullified with a gas mask. Upon exposure to the gas, players will receive constant damage as well as an effect similar to suppression while within the cloud, allowing it to inevitably kill those who are continuously afflicted. The gas also doubles any damage taken for those affected by it, making it further useful for clearing out enemies, as any stragglers will be much easier to kill.

While the Gas Grenade is an available option for grenades, it is also able to be used as a secondary weapon for Counter Attack Trucks, being shot out in a similar manner to a 40mm Grenade. While providing the same effect, the gas grenade effectively has a much larger range. Due to its suppression effects, the gas grenade is a great tool for crowd control, allowing players to flush enemies from tight places and force engagement.


Battlefield 1Edit

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"These grenades release a long-lasting gas cloud that damages enemies inside it."
— In-game description

Gas grenades using poison gas are available in Battlefield 1. It functions much the same as in Battlefield Hardline.

Certain loadouts for heavy armored vehicles have a Gas Emitter that disperses a stationary cloud of poison gas.

The model resembles the lineup of gas grenades used by U.S. forces.

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