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General Liu rifle

The General Liu rifle was probably the first Chinese semi-automatic rifle. The rifle's method of operation could be switched from gas to straight-pull bolt action by rotating counterclockwise the cylinder located on the muzzle, to revert to gas-operated reloading the cylinder had to be rotated back (clockwise).[1] The need for such a system was apparently due to potential weakness in the recoil spring that could be exposed by inconsistent manufacture. The bolt-action mode thus prevented the weapon from being rendered inoperable should the semi-automatic operation fail.[2]

Battlefield 1Edit

The General Liu Rifle is a select-fire weapon that will be introduced in Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion for the Medic class.[3]

It is unique among the self-loading rifles for offering an optional bolt-action mode. At present the bolt-action mode offers no obvious benefits beyond ammo conservation, and has no animation when activated.


There are two variants of the General Liu Rifle: Factory and Storm.

The General Liu Rifle Factory is a standard version of the weapon.

The General Liu Rifle Storm is equipped with a foregrip and has a reduced recoil pattern.


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