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"I beat you fair and square, goddamnit, stay the hell away from my kite!"

— Rackham to Clyde Blackburn, after the latter cheated

George Rackham is a British character featured in the campaign of Battlefield 1. He is an officer serving in the Royal Flying Corps.


Rackham appears in the chapter Friends In High Places, and is first seen playing cards with Blackburn inside a hangar. Although Rackham wins the game, Blackburn has both of his legs tied to the chair he was sitting on, giving him the opportunity to take Rackham's Bristol F2.B by posing as him. Wilson, the gunner, is tricked into thinking that Blackburn is Rackham for most of the chapter.

After Blackburn carries Wilson back from no-man's-land into friendly territory after their Bristol gets shot down later in the chapter, Rackham apprehends Blackburn and orders him to be court-martialed for impersonating him. Afterwards, while Blackburn (with one of his hands tied to a railing), Wilson and Rackham are on a Dreadnought stationed near London, England waiting for court proceedings to begin before the ship gets attacked by a squadron of German planes. Blackburn demands that he be released, but Rackham refuses to let him go. It is only shortly afterwards that Rackham gets killed by a strafing run from one of the planes, giving Blackburn a chance to fly another Bristol after Wilson releases him.



  • Rackham hails from nobility as he is the son of fourth Earl of Windsor.