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Gewehr 98

The Gewehr 98 in reality.

The Mauser Gewehr 98 was the German service rifle of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It is chambered in 7.92mm Mauser, and feeds from a 5-round internal magazine. It principally saw service during World War I in the hands of the Central Powers, and it was eventually replaced in 1935 by the Karabiner 98k, more compact variant of the Gewehr 98.

Despite this, the Gewehr 98's bolt design is well-renowned, and served as the basis for the nearly identical M1903 Springfield's bolt, among other derivatives and copies. Variants of the Gewehr 98 would remain in service around the world from its inception until the modern day, including the Kar98k, which still periodically shows up in conflicts around the globe.

Battlefield 1Edit

"A German bolt action rifle firing a very fast projectile, excellent for long range use."
— In-game description


The Gewehr 98 is one of several weapons that equip the German infantry encountered in the opening of the campaign, Storm of Steel. The variant used is named the Infantry variant, and has a bayonet as its only attachment.


Two variants of the Gewehr 98 are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Scout kit. It was first seen in the reveal trailer, with a side-mounted scope. It can be identified by the distinct shape of the action as well as the straight bolt, which sets it apart from the contemporary M1903 Springfield.

Gewehr 98 SharpshooterEdit

The Gewehr 98 Sharpshooter is equipped with a scope, a bipod and a bayonet for long-range shooting.

Gewehr 98 MarksmanEdit

The Marksman variant is similarly equipped to the Sharpshooter variant, although it is equipped with a higher magnification scope.


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