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The Mannlicher M1895 was the standard bolt-action service rifle of the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I. Manufactured in high numbers, the weapon also served with the successor states of Austria and Hungary after the armistice, in addition to a number of other Eastern European and Balkan states.

The weapon employed a revolutionary straight-pull action bolt that gave the unique weapon a high rate of fire, supplementing its favorable reliability. Fed via a 5-round en-bloc clip (as opposed to stripper clips used by the German Gewehr 98) the M1895 was originally chambered for the round-nosed 8x50mmR Mannlicher, and used this cartridge for the duration of World War I. Post war, it was converted to fire more powerful pointed-head "spitzer" bullets, such as the 8x56mmR.

Battlefield 1Edit

"A straight-pull bolt action rifle that allows for a high rate of fire, even when used with a scope."
— In-game description

Two variants of the Gewehr M.95 are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Scout kit. It was first seen during the Gamescom Livestream event hosted by EA.

Gewehr M. 95 RiflemanEdit

The standard variant of the weapon is the Gewehr M. 95 Rifleman, which comes equipped only with a bayonet.

Gewehr M. 95 SharpshooterEdit

The Gewehr M. 95 Sharpshooter is equipped with a medium-power scope, a palm rest and a bayonet.

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