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Giant's Shadow
Giants Shadow 1

Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1

Part of the

World War I


Black Bess (Deployment)
Hunted (Penultimate)
Knights of the Sky (Victory)


BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire vs. BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire


October 17–25, 1918


Selle River, France


Grasslands, Airship Ruins


Team Deathmatch


Yes (Through Mud and Blood)

"The British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are now in pursuit towards an important railway center. Fierce infantry and tank engagements ensue on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateau-Wassigny railway."
— In-Game Description

Giant's Shadow is a map that appears in Battlefield 1.[1] First revealed in the promotion of the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition on Origin, the map released for free post-launch in December 20, 2016, with Premium members and those who pre-ordered any edition gaining access to the map a week in advance on the 13th.

The map takes place during the Battle of the Selle in October 1918 as part of the Allies' Hundred Days Offensive, and features the British and German armies fighting for control of Le Cateau-Wassigny Railway in the open fields along the Selle river. A crashed airship serves as the map's centrepiece. The Armored Train is the map's behemoth. The map also introduces the new gadget for the Support class, the Grenade Crossbow.[2]



  • Giant's Shadow appears to be based on the final map of the first War Story, Through Mud and Blood.
  • In the Polish version of Battlefield 1 this map is named "Upadek Kolosa", which means "The Fall of Giant"


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