Gold Crates are minor objectives in Battlefield: Bad Company, with thirty Gold Crates throughout the campaign in total.

Acta Non VerbaEdit

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Once the mission has started, in front of the player will be a house along with sign showing the Legionnaires' logo on it. The squad will prompt the player to check what is inside the house, which contains the very first gold crate.
Once the player has checked the house containing the gold crate, the squad will continue up a path to a group of enemies taking positions in a one-story and a two-story house just before reaching a river. After they have been eliminated, the player will find a gold crate on the second floor of the two-story house.
After riding one of the boats down the river, a group of enemies will attack the player from a small excavation camp. Once they have been cleared out, the player can find a gold crate in the ditch between two wooden walkways.
Once the squad reaches the city of Zabograd, the player will have to clear through the enemies and their TOW launchers to reach the other side. If the player follows the road after turning right past the city gates and turning left around a curve, they will find a building with a sign saying "HOTEL" on it. Along with an AEK-971 and stacks of C4, the gold crate will be located on the second floor of that building.
After successfully escorting the tanks past the river, there will be a graveyard where the rendezvous point will be in order to trigger a cutscene. If the player heads far left off that point, they will find two wooden shacks. Between them, there will be the final gold crate for the mission.

Crossing OverEdit

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After the squad meets up with Haggard past the border checkpoint, a cutscene is triggered. Once the cutscene is over, the player will find themselves on a forked road. One of the forks is under maintenance as evidenced by the equipment nearby. If the player heads there, they will find the mission's first gold crate.
After the southern and eastern antenna boxes have been destroyed, the player should see two silos off in the distance southwest of the eastern antenna. If the player heads to the area nearby, they will find a one-story house, which contains a gold crate.
After the eastern antenna has been destroyed, an Mi-28 Havoc will start to attack the player. Nearby, there is a barn with a ZU-23-2 stationed outside. However, the barn has an underground garage that can provide cover to the player from the Havoc's attacks, along with a gold crate.
Once the player has passed through at least a third of the harbor, there will be a group of shipping containers to the left. On top of a blue shipping container - where it can be accessed through climbing up a set of stairs nearby and jumping off on top of a yellow shipping container and off on top to that particular blue shipping container - a gold crate can be found.
Once the player is nearing the docks area of the harbor, they should make a hard right immediately after climbing down the flight of stairs. This is to be done until a green barracks building can be seen, where the mission's final gold crate can be found.

Par for the CourseEdit

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To the far north of the western missile launcher, there will be an area where a group of enemies will be taking up positions at. After the player has taken care of all the enemies, the green barracks building that is further west than the other buildings will contain the first gold crate of the mission.
On the enlarged map for the first area of the mission, the player should notice that there is an island at the very north, nearest to the eastern missile launcher. If the player swims there, they will find a collectible M24 and a gold crate in a stone gazebo.
After the player has cleared out the enemies at the nearby camp south of where they received the LZ-537 laser designator, there will be three tanks parked at an area. If the player heads north of that particular area, they should find a stone monument with a park bench beside it. There, a gold crate will be located nearby.
As the player turns around a bend that will lead them straight up north of the rendezvous point (which is located past a bridge to Zavimir Serdar's palace), a T-90 will be parked nearby. If the player passes the T-90, they will find a pit where a PWR-700 repair tool is located, along with a gold crate.
Once the player enters Serdar's palace and clears all the enemies there, instead of going up the stairs to the rendezvous point, the player should rather go straight ahead and turn right. There, they will find the mission's last gold crate.

Air Force OneEdit

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Crash and GrabEdit

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Ghost TownEdit

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