Gold Crates are minor objectives in Battlefield: Bad Company, with thirty Gold Crates throughout the campaign in total.

Acta Non VerbaEdit

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Once the mission has started, the player is tasked with investigating a house along with a sign showing the Legionnaires' logo on it. They simply have to enter the house, which contains the very first gold crate, as well as a stack of DTN-4. This serves as a tutorial for the player.
Once the player has checked the house, the squad will continue up a path to a group of enemies taking positions in a one-story and a two-story house just before reaching the river. After they have been eliminated, the player will find the mission's second gold crate on the second floor of the two-story house, next to the wall of the room with the KORD machine gun.
After riding one of the boats down the river, a group of enemies will attack the player from a small excavation camp on the right side of the river. Once they have been cleared out, the player can find the mission's third gold crate in the ditch sitting below and between two wooden walkways across the ditch. The player gets a hint for this crate when Haggard says: "I smell gold".
Once the squad reaches the city of West Zabograd, the player will have to destroy 4 9M133 Kornet launchers to reach the other side. Instead of heading for the markers and destroy the launcher, the player sticks to the road on the right side of the city (which basically avoids nearly all of the launchers), they will eventually come across a building with a sign saying "HOTEL" on it, located next to it are some piles of bricks and some orange cement mixers. Along with an RPG-7, the mission's fourth gold crate will be located on the second floor of that building. This building can be recognized with 2 KORD machine guns facing opposite direction of each other, placed on 2 balconies on the sides of the house.
After successfully escorting the tanks past the river, the player will have to regroup at the graveyard. Instead of going straight to the smoke, the player needs to look south-south-west, they will find 4 wooden shacks, with 2 sitting side-by-side facing the other 2, with some fuel drums and gas tanks also located there. Between them is the final gold crate for the mission.

Crossing OverEdit

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After the squad regrouped with Haggard past the border checkpoint, the player will find themselves on a forked road. Instead of using the 2 dirt roads leading up to the southern communications antenna, the player should take the paved road that is still under construction to the end. Once they are there, along with a some fuel drums and road making materials, they will find the mission's first gold crate, as well as a crate containing a collectible XM8C.
After the southern and eastern antenna boxes have been destroyed, the player can backtrack towards the road they used to get to the eastern antenna, but instead of turning left to get back to the southern antenna, a right turn is taken to head southwest of the eastern antenna. Eventually the player will come across a small one-story house with a gray silo nearby, which contains the mission's second gold crate, as well as a PWR-700 and a collectible MG36. Later in the mission after the player has destroyed the north communications antenna and is now heading towards the harbor to chase after the trucks, this house also has an empty T-90 parked outside.
After the eastern antenna has been destroyed, an Mi-24 Hind will start to attack the player. Northwest of the antenna is a barn with a ZU-23-2 stationed outside. The barn also has an underground garage that can provide cover to the player from the Hind's attacks, and the mission's third gold crate is located here. There's also a sniper on the attic of the barn, along with some enemies at the adjacent house, and 2 GAZ-3937 Vodniks, 1 inside the barn, the other parked outside the adjacent house.
Once the player has passed through the initial area of the harbor with the fuel silos and reached the part of the harbor built on concrete foundation, there will be a Vodnik driving down the dirt road and stop by a group of shipping containers to the left of the main catwalk. On top of a blue shipping container - where it can be accessed through climbing up a set of stairs nearby used to access the concrete foundation and jumping off on top of a yellow shipping container next to the stair's landing and then off on top to that particular blue shipping container - the mission's fourth gold crate can be found.
Once the player has cleared up the first group of enemies and reached the docks area of the harbor, the player will regroup with the team at the smoke. After that, they should proceed down to the docks area, but instead of going straight to the docks toward the mission marker, the player should turn right. After passing 2 large warehouse, a green barracks building can be seen, where the mission's final gold crate can be found.

Par for the CourseEdit

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To the far north of the western SAM launcher, there is an abandoned outpost. This outpost has 2 green barracks and a corrugated metal shed. The green barracks on the west contains the first gold crate of the mission, along with a PWR-700, while the southern one contains a collectible M16. The corrugated metal shed houses a car's wreck, a Golf Cart, and a red fuel tank. There is a BMD-3 guarding/patrolling outside the outpost, so it should be taken out first before proceeding.
After the team's UH-60 Black Hawk has been shot down, the player is tasked with destroying 3 SAM launchers, and the map is enlarged. The player should notice that there is a solitary island at the northeast corner of the currently-playable portion of the map, closest to the eastern SAM launcher. The island has a collectible M24 as well as the mission's second gold crate in a stone gazebo.
After the player has cleared out the enemies at the supply station, the player will see 2 T-90 tanks and a BMD-3 parked at the station's vehicle depot. Directly north of the vehicle depot is a stone monument with a park bench beside it, this monument is right on the edge of the playable area. The mission's third gold crate is located nearby.
As the player turns around a bend that will lead them straight down south toward the rendezvous point and the presidential palace, the player can find an empty T-90 parked nearby, on the outside (or to the north) of the bend (there is also an enemy T-90 that will eventually drive up here as well once the player gets close enough). If the player passes the T-90, they will find a pit behind it, where a PWR-700 repair tool is located, along with the mission's fourth gold crate.
Once the player enters the palace, instead of going up either the flights of stairs to the rendezvous point/safe room, the player should rather go straight ahead - below the hallway in front of the safe room - and turn right. There, they will find the mission's last gold crate.

Air Force OneEdit

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After the player's finished the tutorial and is instructed to proceed down river, eventually they will come across a dam. This dam is lightly guarded by some Assault and Engineer soldiers. To the left of this dam is a white building with an AC unit on top. Inside this building is the mission's first gold crate.
After the player has reached the communications center, proceed down to the underground level of the building. Instead of turning right to get to the room with the communications/radio equipment, turn left and go into the room beside the stairs. The mission's second gold crate is located there.
To the south of the communications center is a small enemy base. To the southwest of that base is a small island. This island is located just south off the tip of the very large island containing the aforementioned base, and the blue barracks the player has to destroyed earlier as part of the mission. The small isolated island has some ruins on it, and within these ruins is the mission's third gold crate.
When the player has reached the refinery complex, they are tasked with destroying the supply trucks and eventually, 2 Mark V Patrol Boats. The east side of the complex has a white building with an AC unit on top - the same building as the one the player came across at the dam - and inside this building is the mission's fourth gold crate.
After reaching the fuel station base, the player has to get out of the helicopter and find an M939 carrying fuel and get back to the helicopter. The first junction turning south has the same white building with an AC unit on top sitting on its corner, just like the ones housing the previous gold crates. And this building is no exception, with the mission's last gold crate located here.

Crash and GrabEdit

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Once the player has completed the initial objective, and the map opened up, head south towards the harbor at the river mouth and take a dirt road back to the paved road running up to the communications center from the south (this dirt road is not shown on the map). After that, the player should come across a small outpost containing 2 empty M939s to the right of the paved road. The first gold crate of the mission is located in the barrack furthest away from the road.
To the north of the outpost containing the first gold crate, and on the other side of the hill, there is an intersection with a checkpoint. To the east-north-east of the intersection is a short branch of road that leads to a small house, guarded by 2 soldiers and a Recon. To the right side of this house is the mission's second gold crate.
After the player proceeds to the base with a dam spanning the river's width, keep heading towards the mission marker. After proceeding to a T-junction with several houses with 2 Russian soldiers patrolling around, there's an another branch of dirt road a little further up that eventually forks up into 2 more shorter branches, with the one on the right having a house with a GAZ-3937 Vodnik parked next to it. To the opposite side of this house is the mission's third gold crate.
After the player left the settlement at the foot of the mountain and eventually reached a stone bridge with a small checkpoint guarded by a 9M133 Kornet and a few soldiers, the player should look up and to the right of the checkpoint to find some ruins on the cliffside. Within the ruins is the mission's fourth gold crate. The player can reach the ruins by keep climbing up the ridge until it becomes smooth to walk.
Just before reaching the stone bridge mentioned above, there is a dirt road barricaded with concrete blocks and razor wires that will also eventually lead up to the monastery, opposite in direction from the main road. About half way up this road before the bend that will eventually lead up to the monastery, on the left side the player can find some ruins, and just like before, within these ruins is the mission's final gold crate.

Ghost TownEdit

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When the player drives up to the second base, they should see a 1-story and a 2-story blue barrack on the left side of the base's entrance, next to the helicopter landing pad. On the first floor of the 2-story barrack is the mission's first gold crate.
As the player proceeds to the hill containing the MEC's artillery battery that is also being bombarded by the US' counter-battery fire, if the player sticks to the main road, they should come across a small outpost with 2 blue 1-story barracks and an empty CAV. The barrack on the left - looking from the main road - contains the mission's second gold crate. This outpost is located just after the revetment with an enemy 2T Stalker parking inside.
After the player has made it through the town at the river mouth where they have to destroy 2 bridges to delay the US' advance on Sadiz, they should come across a 1-story house guarded by a shielded QLZ-87 and some soldiers next to some oil pipelines not far from the town. To the right side of this house is the mission's third gold crate.
After the player has destroyed the big silo by calling in an airstrike with the LZ-537, they are instructed to progress to the harbor by first entering the sector of Sadiz that is still under construction. The entrance of this sector is being blocked/guarded by a Legionnaire's Black Eagle. Directly south of this Black Eagle is a house with a small tower on top. On the roof of this house is the mission's fourth gold crate.
Just as the player reached the getaway CAV driven by Haggard to proceed to the harbor, instead of boarding it right away, the player should turn right toward the 2 empty pools, where previously 2 empty Black Eagles was destroyed by US' artillery fire. On the right side of the second pool is the very last gold crate. The player might want to watch their steps as not to walk straight into a falling artillery barrage.

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