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For the similarly named class, see Gunner (Hidden)

The Gunner is a class in Battlefield Heroes. The gunner specializes in the use of machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. The Gunner class corresponds to the Support and Anti-Tank roles of other Battlefield games.


The Gunner has five abilities:

Legit BFH
Leg It: Increases speed of the player and nearby allies for a short time.
Frenzy Fire RA
Frenzy Fire: Increases accuracy with machine guns to focus on a single target while healing a percentage of the player's health every fourth hit.
Explosive Keg
Explosive Keg: Hurls a large explosive barrel at enemies that can be shot to explode. Causes enemies hit by the explosion to run slower for a short time. The barrel can explode early if hit by gunfire.
Hero Shield
Hero Shield: Absorbs damage taken by the player and nearby allies for a few seconds.
I Eats Grenades: The player gobbles up all nearby explosives for a short time. Each grenade eaten recovers health.
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