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Halberstadt CL.II IRL

The Halberstadt CL.II was a two-seat attack biplane flown by the German Luftstreitkräfte during World War I. Designed to supersede the earlier, unsuccessful D.IV, the C.II (later redesignated the CL.II) was pressed into the roles of escort fighter and armed reconnaissance aircraft upon its introduction in May 1917. From then on it proved itself to be a highly capable aircraft, with good maneuverability and rate of climb. 900 aircraft were built in total.

It was during the Battle of Cambral in November 1917 that the CL.II first demonstrated its effectiveness as a ground-attack aircraft, contributing significantly to the German counterattack. From then on the CL.II was increasingly given the task of close support, or Schlachtstaffeln (battle flights) - a tactic that has become commonplace in combined armed warfare today. The CL.II also participated in the Spring Offensive of 1918, and was retired at the end of the war.

Battlefield 1Edit

Halberstadt CL.II
Vehicle passengers • 1 pilot
• 1 gunner
(2 total)
Vehicle armor None
Vehicle optics Zoom Optics
• Bomb Sight
Passenger weapon Parabellum MG 14
Vehicle speed Moderate
Vehicle maneuverability Moderate
Operators Flag of the German Empire German Empire (Imperial German Army)
Ground Support Attack Plane
Main weapon 20mm Autocannon
Secondary weapon 10kg HE bombs ×8
Sensors Holt Flares
Airship Buster Attack Plane
Special features Speed Boost
Main weapon MG 08
Secondary weapon Explosive Rockets ×8
Tank Hunter Attack Plane
Main weapon 57mm Nose Gun
Main weapon ammunition per reload 5 shells
Secondary weapon 50kg Bomb ×2
Countermeasures Wing Repair

Halberstadt CL.II is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1 as a standard attack plane of Imperial German Army. It was first seen at the "EA Play" event on June 12, 2016.


Halberstadt CL.II appears in Friends In High Places. It is seen in Forte et Fidele. When Blackburn is trying to reach AA gun on damaged Zeppelin, one Halberstadt crashes and rips the material, forcing Clyde into airship's interior.

Another Halberstadt appears in Through Mud and Blood. During the pigeon scene, one CL.II is seen burning and crashing near the church.


The Halberstadt CL.II is a two-seat attack plane, with the pilot operating a variety of ground attack weapons, and the gunner a Parabellum MG 14 turret capable of 360° coverage.

The pilot may choose between an MG 08 heavy machine gun, 20mm Autocannon, or a 57mm Nose Gun. For secondary armament, the pilot may use 10kg high explosive bombs, 50kg bombs, or Explosive Rockets.

Compared to a fighter plane, all weapons have more pronounced arc due to lower muzzle velocity. The CL.II also lacks the bombers' anti-armor weaponry.



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