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Hatchet IRL

A modern Hatchet

A hatchet is a small tool with a heavy chopping blade on one side and a hammer head on the back side. While it can be used for brute tasks such as splitting wood, its small size also makes it suitable for delicate tasks such as carving and shaving.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Hatchet is a melee weapon featured in Battlefield 1. It was first seen at the "EA Play" event on June 12, 2016.

When face-to-face with an opponent, the weapon inflicts 80 damage. It is capable of swift one-hit kills from the sides or rear. On any killing blow, the player performs a short animation, taking time to free the weapon from its target. Despite its high damage, it has the least reach and attack rate of the known melee weapons, along with the Pickaxe and Shovel.

The hatchet is capable of destroying barbed wire, and can tear holes in thin wooden objects like doors and window shutters.

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