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IRL Hearse

A Cadillac style Hearse in reality

A Hearse is a funeral vehicle used to transport a coffin from a church or funeral home to a cemetery. The base of most Hearses is generally that of more luxurious car brands, with Cadillacs and Lincolns being the most popular in the United States, with the rear of vehicle given custom bodywork to hold the coffin.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

BFHL Hearse
Vehicle passengers Driver
1 Passengers
(2 Total)
Passenger weapon Any Infantry weapon
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Operators Law Enforcement Law Enforcement
Criminals Criminals

The Hearse is a vehicle introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal expansion, appearing exclusively on the map Cemetery as a neutral vehicle.

The Hearse is a slow moving transport that carries two players: one driver and one passengers. Like most of the civilian vehicles, the Hearse has no weapons, but the passenger is able to use his personal weapons and equipment, aside from deployable gadgets and his melee weapon. As it has a fairly large frame, the vehicle is very effective at Roadkilling enemies.

As it is a neutral vehicle, the Hearse cannot equip any vehicle customizations, but is still affected by the boost and impact resistance from Stunt Driver.


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