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The IDS-1 Infantry Sonar is an unlockable gadget that provides personnel detection capability to the team. It is available to Support soldiers after unlocking the Ganz HMG.

Like the PDS-1, it continuously scans the area around the device. Detected infantry appear on NetBat as blips in Map view and the minimap, but not in first-person view. It has a smaller detection radius than the PDS-1.

As a "sticky" device, it can be planted on any surface or vehicle, but not on other players. It can be placed on the ground to detect the surrounding area. It can also be placed on friendly vehicles to provide perimeter scanning, or on neutral and enemy vehicles to surreptitiously track their ground support or dismounts.


  • Both the PDS-1 and IDS-1 can detect targets within a certain map radius. The detection calculation ignores height, so both devices have virtually unlimited detection along the "Z" axis.

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