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A motion mine is a 22nd-century anti-tank mine capable of moving itself towards an armored vehicle, echoing certain naval mines of the past, and smart mines that can detect the absence of their neighbors and move to fill the gap.

Battlefield 2142Edit

In Battlefield 2142, the II-29 Motion Mine is an unlockable weapon for the Engineer Kit. It is activated by the proximity of an enemy vehicle. The mine will rise up about one meter and magnetically track the vehicle until coming into contact with it and exploding. When used in combination with the II-14 EMP mine, vehicles can be shut down by the EMP blast and the Motion Mines can hit the vehicle while it is a sitting duck. Multiple mines will take down any armor threat, while a single mine can destroy light vehicles such as the MK-15 Bandit or the UAZ-8 Ocelot.

Motion mines can hurt or kill any infantry caught in its blast radius, usually as a consequence of standing near, dismounting, or repairing a moving vehicle, or the mines themselves being attacked with certain weapons.

Motion Mine Bait can be used to draw mines (both friendly or hostile) away from an area, clearing the way for vehicles. Bait is also infrequently used to lead mines towards an area for attack, such as towards a A3-Goliath IFV (which normally resists mines with its durable front armor) or even to attack unwary infantry.

The damage done by the mine correlates to how fast it is moving while tracking a vehicle or bait. It is possible for a vehicle to withstand multiple mines by inching past them, but remains a hazardous tactic due to the unpredictable reaction of the mines. In rare cases, fast attack vehicles and gunships may be able to outrun the mines.

When near a mine, an orange icon appears on the NetBat Helmet. When Mine Friendly fire is disabled, it is not possible to tell friendly mines from foe, except by how they behave around your vehicle. Even with MFF disabled, friendly vehicles may occasionally activate friendly mines due to network issues, but teamkills due to this are rare.

Mines can be neutralized with the AE-Defuser, or destroyed with RDX, the Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle, or the Clark 12-RDX shotgun. Mines can be used to counter "RDX hoppers" on FF-off servers.


  • Spotting for mines is not available in 2142, though voice files exist for the purpose.

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