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For the similar specialization for ground vehicles, see IR Smoke

IR Flares, also known as Infrared Flares, is a specialization available for jets and both types of helicopters in Battlefield 3 that breaks missile locks when deployed. They have a cool down timer after it is used, but there is no ammunition limit.

Battlefield 3Edit

IR Flares
Vehicle Type

Air vehicles

Special Feature

Breaks missile lock

Unlocked At

• 300 AH, Jet score
• 400 SH score

Customization Slot

Vehicle gadget

"Infrared flare launchers that when launched will distract incoming missiles and cause them to miss their locked target."
— Battlelog description

IR Flares is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 3. It adds infrared flares to aircraft, deployable with the countermeasures button which is X by default on PC, R1 on PS3, and RB on Xbox 360. Flares deployed by one aircraft can protect other nearby aircraft even if the deploying aircraft was not originally targeted.

IR Flares are only effective against heat-seeking weaponry such as the FIM-92 Stinger, SA-18 Igla, and the anti-air missiles on jets, helicopters, and mobile AA. To counter these weapons, flares must be deployed after receiving a "missile lock" tone—high-pitched fast beeping at a steady tone—and before the missile is in striking range of the aircraft (depending on latency).

Laser-guided missiles cannot be deterred with flares until the laser lock itself is broken by terrain or destroying the painting device. Pilots can use overhead cover such as bridges or hangars to defend against these top-attacking missiles should breaking the lock prove difficult.

Once deployed, the flares require an 11-second waiting period before they can be deployed again. An audio cue will signify when the flares are ready to be deployed again as well as a visual indicator on the heads-up display in a corner of the screen.


  • Before the 1.03 (December 2011) patch, IR Flares could also break weapon locks.
  • The 1.04 (March 2012) patch allows IR Flares to deter laser-guided missiles, but only when the laser lock is broken.
  • The 1.06 (September 2012) patch removed IR Flares from attack helicopters' gunner seats. Before this, gunners could equip flares with a 20-second delay, allowing them to cover gaps in the pilot's defenses.

Battlefield 4Edit

IR Flares
Vehicle Type

Attack Helicopter
Scout Helicopter
Stealth Jet
Attack Jet

Customization Slot


"Infared [sic] flare launchers that, when deployed, spoof incoming missiles and break lock-ons."
— Game description

IR Flares are a specialization featured in Battlefield 4, having a similar effect to that of the Battlefield 3 counterpart. The player's HUD now shows how many individual flares will be deployed. For instance, scout helicopters carry six, deployed one at a time during the flare sequence. IR Flares have a longer recharge time in Battlefield 4 than in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

IR Flares
"Infrared flare launchers that, when deployed, disrupts incoming missiles and breaks lock-ons"
— Battlelog Description

'IR Flares are a specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline.

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