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Ilya-Muromets Replica IRL

A replica of an Ilya-Muromets in real life

The Sikorsky Ilya Muromets (Russian: Сикорский Илья Муромец) are a class of Russian pre-World War I large four-engine commercial airliners and heavy military bombers used during World War I by the Russian Empire. The aircraft series was named after Ilya Muromets, a hero from Slavic mythology. The series was based on the Russky Vityaz or Le Grand, the world's first four-engined aircraft, designed by Igor Sikorsky. The Ilya Muromets aircraft as it appeared in 1913 was a revolutionary design, intended for commercial service with its spacious fuselage incorporating a passenger saloon and washroom on board. During World War I, it became the first four-engine bomber to equip a dedicated strategic bombing unit. This heavy bomber was unrivaled in the early stages of the war, as the Central Powers had no aircraft capable enough to rival it until much later.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

Vehicle passengers Pilot
2 Gunners
1 Paradrop
(4 total)
Vehicle armor None
Vehicle optics Bomb Sight
Passenger weapon 20mm Autocannon
Second passenger weapon Lewis Gun
Vehicle speed Moderate
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Operators Flag of Russia Russian Empire

The Ilya-Muromets is a vehicle set to be featured in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion. As a heavy bomber, it differs from the currently available bombers (the Caproni Ca.5 and Gotha G.IV).

It carries a pilot and two gunners. The rear (second) gunner is equipped with a 20mm Autocannon, while the front (third) gunner uses a Lewis Gun. A teammate can spawn in a holding area for paradrop.

A variant currently seen in CTE is equipped with two bomb payloads: the primary payload consists of up to five 50kg HE bombs, and the secondary load of two 250kg demolition bombs. Like the Airship L30, the primary HE bombs reload individually, and can be dropped as soon as one is available. The secondary payload reloads as a pair. The pilot can also activate Emergency Repair.

Although unarmored, the Ilya-Muromets has more health than the regular bombers, able to survive passes over enemy anti-air guns.



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