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Imperial German Army

Battlefield 1


Flag of the German Empire Germany



The Imperial German Army or Deutsches Heer was the name given to the combined land and air forces but not the Marine-Fliegerabteilung maritime aviation formations of the Kaiserliche Marine, of the German Empire. It was formed after the unification of Germany under Prussian leadership in 1871 and dissolved in 1919, after the defeat of the German Empire in World War I.

Battlefield 1Edit

BF1 German Empire Icon

The German Empire emblem as it appears in Battlefield 1.

In Battlefield 1, the German Empire is one of the six confirmed factions to be initially playable in multiplayer, participating alongside the other nations of the Central Powers, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, in the fight against the Allies. The Germans are identified by their distinctive trench coats and tunics in standard Feldgrau colouration with crimson seam piping, underneath the pouched-adorned leather equipment harness. Most classes also come wearing the highly advanced and iconic Stahlhelm, with the Assault kit's helmet painted with an early standardised camouflage pattern.

The Imperial German Army are currently featured on maps of the Western Front, where they face the British and American armed forces along the front lines of northern France.

Engagements Edit

VS Team Maps
BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire
BF1 United States Icon United States

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