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Not to be confused with the Battlefield Vietnam map Cambodian Incursion

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Incursions is a gamemode set to be introduced to Battlefield 1. The gamemode is centered on competitive play between players in 5v5 matches. It was announced on August 21st, 2017 at Gamescom 2017.[1] Registration currently open for the Closed Alpha on PC. (more info on official page)[2]


The gamemode pits two teams of five players against one another in small-scale battles. The games are played out over 14 sets, the winner being the first to win 8 sets. The winner of a set is the first team to accumulate 10 tickets within that set. Tickets are awarded for killing[3], performing squad wipes, destroying an enemy vehicle, and holding flags.

Similar to Frontlines, the gamemode features 3 flags that can only be captured sequentially. Players will choose between eight different preset subclasses before the start of a match and cannot change their class once the match has started. The gamemode features its own progression system which gives players access to improved weapons and specializations within the match based on a combination of time and performance. A limited number of vehicles will also be available as well as lobby-based matchmaking.

with the release of Sinai Desert in Incursions, DICE announced a new gamemode called "King of the Hill". King of the Hill mode has three sectors per half. To win a match, team need to win four sectors. Each sector has one flag to contest. Holding the flag generates tickets, and the first team to fill a set wins the sector. No other action than holding the flag contributes to tickets. When a sector is completed, both teams are transferred to the next sector.[4] If the match end as draw (3-3), an overtime phase will start.

On 14 December 2017, DICE start to collect player data for skillbased matchmaking.[5]

Party Matchmaking is set to be enable in 25 January 2018.[6]


The kits featured in Incursions are loadouts focused exclusively for the gamemode[7]. Some of the kits use weapons normally available to a different class, and some of the gadgets and specializations are modified from the base game.

Along with equipment, each kit has access to a default specialization. As play progresses, players may gain two additional specializations.

Squad Leader Edit

Vehicle Operator Edit

Soldier Edit


Vehicles Edit

  • Armored Car
  • FT-17
  • Tank Hunter - Built on the same body as the FT-17, the Tank Hunter sacrifices mobility and aim for a much heavier punch.

Private Match Edit

Private Match features was enable on 15 December 2017. Player who create the lobby can choose region and map that want to play. After that, Player will get a match key that can share to other 9 players. Admin can move other player between 2 teams and spectator slots before the match start.[10]

Ranking SystemEdit

There are six ranks available with 3 tiers for each rank including

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Elite

Practice RangeEdit

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