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For similar weapons, see Sword

The Inquisition Sword is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal expansion. Functioning as a heavy blunt weapon like the Machete, the sword has a long swing up time but kills in one hit.


The weapon has three variants, all of which function identically and only differ visually:


  • Unlocked for $15,000


  • Unlocked by completing the "Sword & Board Syndicate" assignment


  • Unlocked by completing the "Blood Broadsword Syndicate" assignment which first requires the completion of the "Sword & Board Syndicate" assignment


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Bio-Beware! Bio-Beware! Kill 50 enemies with Inquistion Swords 25G Silver



Inquisition Longsword
  • The trophy "Bio-Beware!" is a play on the name of the game studio BioWare which is the studio that developed the Dragon Age and Mass Effect game franchises.

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