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Instant Kill is a term used in games where certain events or glitches cause a player to be instantly killed.



In early Battlefield games, the parachute, being indestructible, causes any other player that comes in contact with it to instantly be killed whether they are friendly or not. This can also occur if a vehicle makes contact.


In Battlefield games that feature the Defibrillator for example, players who lose all of their health points are normally placed in a critically wounded state, and which will expire after fifteen seconds unless another player revives them. However, certain scenarios cause a mortally wounded player to be instantly removed from action, with the message "You have been killed," or some variant though there are some exceptions to this.

Destruction 2.0/3.0/LevolutionEdit

  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, when all the walls on a floor of a building have been destroyed, it will collapse and will instantly kill anyone inside or on top of the building, and in a very narrow radius just outside the perimeter building.
  • In Battlefield 4, players next to or in direct contact with a Levolution structure when it's about to collapse will be instantly killed.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • Players can randomly die with no reason.
  • If a player detonates an explosive tank, pipe, or small explosive in front of another player, they will normally be instantly killed and if a teammate caused it, no teamkill will occur.
  • Environmental hazards such as fire can kill the player.
  • After the first base has been taken on Operation Metro in Rush, an air strike is brought in to allow the U.S players to proceed to the next base. If any player is standing where the airstrike occurs, they will instantly be killed.
  • If the player rams a jet into a solid structure or another vehicle, they will be instantly killed though it may not be labeled as suicide.
  • The punishment for staying out of the battle area will instantly kill the player.
  • Crashing with an aircraft makes an explosion, which kills anybody in a small radius.
  • Getting 'run over' by an unoccupied vehicle usually results in an instant kill.
  • Selecting 'Suicide' in the start menu.
  • Being hit by flying debris caused by explosions, such as pieces of wall and vehicles, will kill the player.


  • Certain passengers of transport vehicles may fall out upon receiving critical damage, but are not immediately killed.
  • In Battlefield 2142, the commander's Orbital Strike inflicts mainly critical blast damage, though the actual shells can directly strike and kill players.
  • When it comes to roadkill (being struck by a vehicle) and fall damage, there appears to be a threshold inside where a player will receive critical damage, and beyond which the player will be considered instantly killed.
  • Explosives can instantly kill players, preventing medics from reviving them.


Instant kills are known by many names on their killcams in the Battlefield series:

  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 instant kills are labeled as "Epic Fail".
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam instant kills are labeled as "FUBAR", military slang for "Fucked up beyond all/any recognition/repair/reason".
  • In Battlefield 3 instant kills are labeled as "Bad Luck".
    • If the player commits suicide (by selecting 'Suicide' in the start menu), it will be labeled as "You Commited Suicide" instead.
  • In Battlefield 4 instant kills are labeled as "Killed in Action".