The JGBG M7 in real life.

The JGBG M7 riflescope[1] is a Chinese, 4x30 compact and waterproof rifle scope with red laser sight and illuminated red/green rangefinder reticle.

It is featured in Battlefield 4 as a weapon optic called the JGM-4.

Battlefield 4Edit

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JGM-4 (4X)
BF4 compact4x
Slot Optics
Unlocked at 10 kills (CN DMRs)

30 kills (CN Sniper Rifles)
50 kills (CN Assault Rifles & Shotguns)
120 kills (CN PDWs & LMGs)
130 kills (CN Carbines) Battlepacks

Magnification 4X
"4x magnification with ballistic reticle to more easily calculate bullet drop across medium to long distances."

— Battlelog description

The JGM-4 (4X) appears in Battlefield 4 as a primary weapon optic. It is the Chinese equivalent of the American ACOG (4X) and the Russian PSO-1 (4X).


The JGM-4, along with the other two 4x scopes, only appear attached to Designated Marksman Rifles. The JGM-4 only appears attached to the QBU-88.


The JGM-4 is unlocked for Chinese primary weapons through progression and is unlocked through Battlepacks for all other primary weapons. It is the first optic unlocked for Chinese DMRs, requiring only ten kills.



  • A Battlelog portrait featuring a Chinese Support soldier displays them holding a QJY-88 with a backwards mounted JGM-4 scope.


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