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The JS in real life equipped with a sight and a suppressor.

The CS/LS2 (also known as the JS9) is a Chinese select-fire bullpup submachine gun designed in 2005 by Jianshe Industry Group and built by China South Industries Group. It is the export version of the locally built QCW-05 chambered in the more common 9x19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge rather than the Chinese 5.8x21mm DCV05 round. It is also capable of using standard MP5 magazines.

Battlefield 4Edit

The JS2 is a PDW featured in Battlefield 4.


The JS2 is the standard PDW of the People's Liberation Army. It is equipped with a Coyote, Laser Sight and Flash Hider. It sports a Hexagon Naval finish.


The JS2 is the final unlock for PDWs requiring 48,000 PDW score to unlock. The weapon is statistically similar to the P90, and as such performs similarly; it has a high rate of fire with medium recoil and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. However, it has much lower recoil, as well as higher accuracy, giving it a clear advantage.

Due to its compact nature, the JS2 is held close to the user's face, and obstructs much of the player's screen as a result; this is especially noticeable when using bulkier scopes such as the JGM-4 or IRNV sight.


Trivia Edit

  • The Chinese characters on the side of the JS2 (中国特种部队) translate to "Chinese Special Forces"; this also appears on the FY-JS and QBS-09.
  • As of November 30, 2015, the Battlelog and In-Game info page still lists the pre-updated magazine size of 50+1 round rounds instead of the current 30+1 round.


  1. When picked up from a table in Kunlun Mountains, it has more starting reserve ammo than the normal max amount.