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A real-life Johnson LMG.

The M1941 Johnson machine gun is an American-made light machine gun designed in 1940 by Melvin Johnson. It was developed from the rifle of the same name. It uses an in-line stock to decrease the weapons recoil, especially with the weapon's recoil operation. It used a 20-round magazine with .30-06 Springfield rounds. Though it was not mass-produced, the few that were issued to special divisions of the US Army Rangers. One notable unit that used the Johnson machine gun was the U.S. Army's First Special Service Force, a special operations unit composed of half Canadian, half American troops known as "Devil's Brigade".

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Johnson LMG is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 1942, issued to the Canadian Army Assault kit. It has a 30-round magazine and 4 magazines in reserve. It has a low rate of fire, high damage, medium accuracy and medium recoil. Compared to other assault kit weapons in the game, the Johnson LMG is more suited for long range engagements, as with its relatively good accuracy and high damage, it can kill more effectively at long ranges. As well, if the player goes prone, recoil is very low and its accuracy recovers very quickly, making it even more effective at a variety of ranges. However, when standing, the crosshairs grow frantically with continuous fire, making even close range combat difficult.