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Key binding is the act of assigning keys or buttons to various controls, rather than using the default layout. In many Battlefield games, the player can change key bindings in the main menu.

Key binding in Battlefield gamesEdit

Battlefield 3Edit

With the Battlelog system in place, the player cannot currently change controls unless they are in an active server.

Functions are now limited to one key, one mouse control, and/or one joystick/gamepad control. (Players who have installed third-party input software may be able to sidestep this constraint.)

However, a single input can be mapped to multiple functions. For example, the Sprint and Scope stabilization (hold breath) functions are both mapped to a PC player's Shift key. Certain abilities (e.g. crouching) have alternative inputs such as single-press, combo with a similar function (press for one function, hold for a second function), or toggled control.

Default Keyboard Layout

Default Keyboard Layout

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