The Killcam is a gameplay mechanic of the Battlefield series that details how a player was killed in multiplayer. Originally the Killcam only showed who and what killed the player but later installments have added detailed information such as the location of the killer themselves and their the statistics as well as what part of the body the player received the killshot. The Killcam does not play in Hardcore games.

In most games, if the player dies from instant kill or from other causes that are not from an enemy player, the killcam will be largely empty aside from a piece of text displayed at the top describing the player's cause of death.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

BFHeroes Killcam
The Killcam in Battlefield Heroes appears on the top of the players screen upon death. It shows the face of the person who killed the player as well as their health and the weapon used.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

BC2 Killcam
In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Killcam shows a camera in front of a player's killer for a few seconds. This helps the player pinpoint where the enemy will go to next. Alongside that, a banner will appear on the top of the screen showing the killer's name, rank, health, kit, the weapon or vehicle they used to kill the player and the Service Stars the killer has with that weapon or vehicle, and the Specializations they have equipped at the time. As well, the banner will also notify if the killer has already killed the player five times or more, changing the YOUR KILLER title to YOUR NEMESIS.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

P4F Killcam

The Killcam in Battlefield Play4Free is similar to that of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with a few differences. The information banner appears on the bottom of the screen and still displays the killer's name, rank, health, and the weapon or vehicle they used to kill the player. However, what is also displayed in the banner is the killer's head model and their kill-to-death ratio against the player (meaning if the player has already been killed once by the killer, the K/D ratio will display "0/1").

The Killcam, unlike Battlefield: Bad Company 2, will be shown until the player respawns since Play4Free does not have an in-game loadout screen.

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3 Killcam

The Killcam in Battlefield 3 is the nearly the same as the Killcam in previous iterations. The camera will show the killer for a few seconds before going back to the deployment screen. The information banner at the top of the screen will display the killer's name, health, kit, rank, and the weapon or vehicle they used to kill the player, plus their K/D ratio against that player. However, the Killcam also shows the player's dogtags, the number of service stars the killer has with both the weapon/vehicle and the kit they are using at the time, and the Attachments or vehicle specializations they have equipped on the weapon or vehicle. If the killer owns Battlefield Premium, another banner will appear below the information banner saying PREMIUM PLAYER.

Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 Killcam

In Battlefield 4, some major changes have been made to the Killcam. During the Killcam, an orange silhouette will appear over the killer and the camera will follow the killer from the dead player's position instead of following the killer while in front of them. The information banner at the bottom of the screen will display the killer's name, rank, kit, health, K/D ratio against the player, dogtags, and the weapon or vehicle they used to kill the player along with the attachments or specializations they used for that weapon or vehicle. If the killer has killed the player with a vehicle, the health of the vehicle will now be displayed below the vehicle's icon. Another thing shown on the information banner is the killer's emblem that they have made on Battlelog.

If the killer has shot the player in the head to kill him, a skull with a crosshair on it will appear above the "KILLED BY (player name)" at the top of the screen.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

BFH Killcam

The Killcam in Battlefield Hardline is similar to the one seen in Battlefield 4. However, the Killcam in Battlefield Hardline now shows a silhouette of a person, which is split into the two legs, two arms, chest and head, one of which will be red to show where the killer has fired their last bullet into to kill the player. Also, two patches are shown on the Killcam, which can signify the killer's in-game achievements.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Killcam is featured in Battlefield 1. It functions similar to past installments, detailing the location of their killer (with a red outline around their body), weapon, rank, health, K/D ratio against the player, their dogtags and faction. If the killer has a skin equipped for their weapon, it will be displayed in full color and the skin applied to it along with a colored background signifying the rank of the skin. Otherwise, the HUD icon is used instead.

A new addition is a list of nearby medics on the bottom-left of the killcam. It displays a small list of friendly medics with Medical Syringes near the player's body and their distance to the player, up to 20 meters. This allows a dead player to anticipate for an incoming revival.

In addition, medics with Medical Syringes who have spotted the dead player are removed from the "Nearby Medics" list and placed into a new list of "Incoming Medics" above the "Nearby Medics" list.


  • Early versions of Battlefield 1 featured the option to request a revive from nearby Medics in the upper right of the screen. This was removed from the final game.

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