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For the variant in Battlefield Hardline, see AWM.

The L96A1 in real life.

The L96A1 is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle created by the British company Accuracy International and fielded by many armed forces around the world, notably, the British and German forces. The L96A1 is the British designation of the standard Arctic Warfare rifle. The AW rifle has derivatives which can fire the 7.62x51mm NATO, .300 Winchester, and .338 Lapua cartridges.

It is featured in many installments of the Battlefield Series and fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge.

Battlefield 2Edit

Weapon gbrif l96a1
Unlocked at Tier 2 unlock
Unlock cost 1 unlock point
Damage 95
Magazine size 5 rounds
Starting ammunition 6 + 1 magazines
Reload time 5 seconds
Rate of fire 33 RPM
Recoil 4 - 5.2 hip
0.25 zoomed
Spread zoomed 0.05
Spread unzoomed 5 (Min)
10 (Stand)
7.5 (Crouch)
4 (Prone)
Spread increase per bullet 3.5
Firemodes Bolt-action
Faction EU European Union (default)
All other faction: Tier two
Kit BF2.Sniper Sniper
Inventory slot Main weapon
Battlefield 2 - Стрельба из L96A100:17

Battlefield 2 - Стрельба из L96A1

"The L96A1 is the replacement for the L42 Enfield sniper rifles. It is reputed to be one of the world's best sniper rifles."
— In-game description.

The L96A1 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion and is the default sniper rifle for the European Union. Its spread values are identical to, with the exception of the M24, rifles of the same class, with a zoomed spread of 0.05 and spread increase of 3.5 per round. The weapon's rate of fire, damage, and magazine size are identical to the M24 and is always capable of killing in two direct hits, at a maximum, with a minimum of one headshot for an instant kill.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Unlocked at Level 24
Unlock cost 650 PF4 Credits (one day)

95,000 PF4 Credits (forever)

199 P4F Funds (one day)
2,999 P4F Funds (forever)
16,499 P4F Funds (before Level 24, forever)

Damage 73 - 48
Damage multipliers 2.1x Head
Magazine size 7 rounds
Maximum ammunition 3 magazines
Reload time 4 seconds
Rate of fire 50 rounds per minute
Velocity 425
Range Short range 0-40m

Medium range 40-75m
Long range 75m+

Recoil High
Firemodes Bolt action
Faction US


Kit PF4 Recon Symbol Recon
Source of statistics Battlefield Play4Free game files

The L96A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free and is available for purchase at level 24. It features a large magazine, medium damage, fast reload and the highest rate of fire amongst bolt-action sniper rifles, with a very fast bolt cycle.

Battlefield 3Edit

Unlocked at After completing the "Creeping Death" assignment
Damage 80 - 59
Suppression 35%
Damage multipliers 2.0(head)
1.25x (Chest)
.9 (legs)
Magazine size 10 + 1 rounds
Ammunition 7.62x51mm NATO
Starting ammunition 33 + 11 rounds
Maximum ammunition 55 + 11 rounds
Reload time 2.6 seconds loaded
4.8 seconds empty
Rate of fire 43.5 RPM
Velocity 540m/s
Range Battlefield 3 JNG-90 Range
Maximum range 2700m
Recoil 2.0 up
0.0 left
0.0 right
First shot recoil multiplier 1.0x
Recoil descrease per second 15.0
Spread zoomed Standing: 0.0 (static) 1.5 (moving) Crouching: 0.0 (static) 1.0 (moving) Prone: 0.0 (static) 1.0 (moving)
Spread unzoomed Standing: 5.0 (static) 6.0 (moving) Crouching: 4.0 (static) 5.0 (moving) Prone: 3.0 (static) 5.0 (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 1.2
Spread decrease per second 15.0
Firemodes Bolt-action
Faction Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Kit BF3 Recon Icon Recon
Dogtag(s) Proficiency Dog Tag

Mastery Dog Tag

Source of statistics Oct. 15
Inventory slot Main weapon
Unlocks Rifle Scope
Ballistic Scope (10 kills)
Laser Sight (20 kills)
Bipod (30 kills)
Tactical Light (40 kills)
ACOG (50 kills)
Straight Pull Bolt (60 kills)
Suppressor (70 kills)
Holographic (80 kills)
Reflex (90 kills)
IRNV (100 kills)
PKS-07 (125 kills)
M145 (150 kills)
PSO-1 (175 kills)
PKA-S (200 kills)
Kobra (235 kills)
PK-A (270 kills)
Battlefield L96A1Wiki Video01:58

Battlefield L96A1Wiki Video

"British made, high performance sniper rifle. Widely used across Europe."
— Battlelog description

The L96 is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion and is unlocked upon the completion of the Creeping Death assignment. It was first seen in the Strike at Karkand Gameplay Trailer.

Compared to the SV98 the L96's rounds have a higher velocity which causes bullets to drop less over longer ranges giving it a similar drop pattern to the JNG-90. The L96 also has the third fastest velocity out of all bolt action sniper rifles at 540 meters per second. Despite only minor differences, the JNG-90 is considered superior because it has a slightly higher velocity at 560 m/s, slightly slower reload at 2.5 seconds and a slightly higher rate of fire of 46.2 rounds per minute.

Patch historyEdit

The L96 was originally the only bolt-action sniper rifle that could mount a Flash Suppressor. When the Flash Suppressor was equipped onto the L96, the accuracy of the weapon, aimed or otherwise, was not affected at all whereas other weapons with a flash suppressor did suffer an accuracy loss. After the 3/27/12 patch, however, the flash suppressor no longer reduces aimed accuracy on any weapon.

An update changed the damage and chest multiplier to 1.25 for the L96. With 80 damage at close range it will kill in one shot to the chest or at any range in hardcore.

Before the June 4th 2012 patch, the point of aim on the L96 was vertically offset (with the possible exception of some rifle scopes) due to a bug. This caused shots to be fired from a point above the center of the sight the player was using, throwing off skewing aim. The iron sights are now aligned with the top of the post but not with the dot on the post.

Battlefield 4Edit

Bf4 l96a1
Damage 100 - 59
Magazine size 5 + 1
Ammunition .338 Lapua Magnum
Starting ammunition 6 + 42
Reload time 3.6 seconds (loaded)

4.65 seconds (empty)

Rate of fire 48 RPM
Velocity 550 m/s
Range Sniper range
Maximum range 2750 meters
Recoil 0.25 (up)

0 (left)
0 (right)

First shot recoil multiplier 2x
Recoil descrease per second 6
Firemodes *Bolt action
Kit Recon
Inventory slot Sniper Rifle
Unlocks Variable Zoom (14x) (10 kills)
Bipod (20 kills)
ACOG (4x) (30 kills)
Canted Ironsights (40 kills)
Straight Pull (50 kills)
Reflex (RDS) (60 kills)
Laser Sight (70 kills)
Suppressor (80 kills)
M145 (3.4x) (90 kills)
Flash Light (100 kills)
Muzzle Brake (110 kills)
Holo (1x) (120 kills)
Ballistic Scope (40x)(130 kills)
Range Finder (140 kills)
"British made, high performance sniper rifle. Widely used across Europe."
— In-game description

The L96A1 is introduced in Battlefield 4: China Rising. It is unlocked by completing the Need Only One assignment.

Compared to other bolt-action sniper rifles, it has an average damage profile and rate of fire, but has slightly higher bullet velocity. While it is beaten out at close range by faster-firing sniper rifles such as the M40A5 and Scout Elite, and lacks the extreme range of the M98B and SRR-61, its stats are very well balanced for medium range, making it a good overall choice for most situations.

It comes with a Rifle scope (8×) equipped by default.



  • The L96A1 in Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 are all modeled after the Arctic Warfare Magnum rifle instead of the actual L96, denoted by the fluted barrel and folding stock present on the models. Battlefield Hardline reused the L96A1's model from Battlefield 4 for the AWM, but is the first game in the series to properly name the weapon.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • None of the DLC sniper rifles have attached scopes on their respective proficiency dog tag, including the L96A1.

Battlefield 4Edit

  • In Battlefield 4, the L96A1 and the China Rising expansion's other weapons were accidentally released early for PC players as part of the platform's first client patch.
  • Along with the other weapons of the first three expansions for Battlefield 4, the L96A1 actually has an in-game description, but it can only be viewed when the weapon is unlocked at the end of a round or if it is equipped in a gadget slot using external tools.
  • The L96A1 reuses its description from Battlefield 3.
  • As of July 2015, the L96A1 has been renamed to its proper designation of L115 on the Community Test Environment, but this change has not been added to the retail version of the game.

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