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An LW155 in real life.

The LW155, or Lightweight 155 is an artillery piece. Officially designated the M777 howitzer by the US Marine Corps, It is a British-made 155mm howitzer developed in the late 1990s by BAE Systems. It is an indirect-fire support system designed to be quicker to deploy than preceding systems.

Battlefield 2Edit

The LW155[1] is a stationary emplacement featured in Battlefield 2. It makes up a part of the Commander resources for the USMC and European Union on a number of maps, and stands opposite of the PLA and MEC D30. This weapon, and its counterpart, both are destructible, but also possess one of the most powerful attacks in the game.


  1. The game files list both artillery types as individual emplacements. The LW155 is listed explicitly as USART_LW155.

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