In first-person shooter games, leaning is a game mechanic that allows characters near corners or other cover to lean around the cover. This reduces or eliminates exposure of the shooter's feet, legs, and torso, which the target may use to counterattack.

Battlefield 4Edit

Battlefield 4 includes a contextual leaning system. The system is activated by standing near appropriate cover; the soldier actually leans when the Aim button is pressed.

The leaning system also distinguishes between vertical cover (e.g. building corners) and horizontal cover (e.g. window sills), allowing the soldier to lean to the side or peek above as appropriate.

On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, the player can use the motion sensor on the DualShock 4 controller and the Kinect camera, respectively, to lean without using the contextual leaning system.


  • Due to a bug, any weapon equipped with a bipod will be unable to utilize the leaning system.

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