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"Fight in the snow-covered ravines of the treacherous Lupkow Pass. Against this dramatic backdrop, the vertical fights are as bitter as the cold."

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Łupków Pass (Polish: Przełęcz Łupkowska) is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion. It is based on the battle of Łupków Pass, fought between Russian and Austro-Hungarian forces.

The map was released on August 22, 2017, three weeks ahead of the full expansion.[1]


Łupków Pass features treacherous mountain terrain, limiting both sides to using horses and airplanes for travel. On one side of the map is a castle currently held by Russian forces. Though blanketed with snow at the start of a match, the dark earth beneath can be exposed by explosions, making it easier for infantry to conceal themselves.


The Armored Train appears with winter camouflage, along an elevated railway that crosses through the map, above the village of Narev.

Control PointsEdit


Control Point Conquest Domination Rush
Austro-Hungarian Deployment BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon
Galician Trail A
Foothills Artillery B
Pawel's Watch C BF1 Sentry Icon
Wreckage D Sector 2B
Narev Village E Sector 1, 2A
Narev Depot F A Sector 3
Rostov's Hold G BF1 Flame Trooper IconB Sector 4
Lupkow Trail C
Russian Deployment BF1 White Army Icon

Galician TrailEdit

Site of a wrecked Putilov-Garford trucks convoy.

Foothills ArtilleryEdit

Three small Russian artillery guns perched on a mountain that occasionally fire.

Pawel's WatchEdit

Watchtower on a high point with a nearby log cabin.


Bomber crash on an eroded mesa.

Narev VillageEdit

Cabins near the Lupkow railway.

Narev DepotEdit

Additional buildings with an anti-air gun.

Rostov's HoldEdit

Castle at the Russian end of the map.

Lupkow TrailEdit

Outpost near the Russian deployment, downhilll from Rostov's Hold.


Łupków Pass is a large-scale Conquest map with seven flags in contention.

Cavalry is in abundance, as they are the only ground vehicle aside from the Armored Train.

Among the present elite classes are the Sentry and Flame Trooper.


Domination takes place over a large area between Narev Depot and the Lupkow Trail behind Rostov's Hold. There are many changes in elevation, allowing players to sneak underneath lookouts on nearby summits.

Though two of the control points are fairly close together, side trails allow for flank routes out of sight of more central defenders.


In Rush, the Austro-Hungarians seek to clear four Russian sectors. Throughout the battle, both attackers and defenders have access to Cavalry units.

Sector 1Edit

Following a creek along the south border of the map, the Austro-Hungarians encounter the first Russian base ahead of the railway in the valley floor.

A small trench line is cut in front of Narev Village. The Russian defenders can potentially make use of the elevated railway to defend the village. They guard telegraph A behind a cabin, and telegraph B at the trench lookout.

Sector 2Edit

The Russians retreat further uphill, guarding one telegraph west of the railway, and another closer to the fallen bomber wreckage.

Sector 3Edit

Two more telegraph positions are hidden in Narev Depot.

Sector 4Edit

The Austro-Hungarians must ascend another slope to reach the last base at Rostov's Hold.



  • The real-life Łupków Pass is a tunnel through a relatively mild region on the Poland/Slovakia border.
  • The Narev is a river that crosses through north-eastern Poland.
  • "Narev Village" is a fictional village that is not found near the real-life Łupków Pass. In the Polish version of the game, point "E" is instead called "Osławica Village", which is a real village. Same with "Narev Depot".
  • The Rostovs are one of the principal aristocrat families appearing in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.
  • One of the flags is named "Paweł's Watch". Paweł is a popular Polish male name.
  • The farmhouses on this map are a Russian-styled. In real life the architecture in Łupków resembles more European buildings than Siberian-Russian.
  • The internal name for this map in Community Test Environment is MP_Ravines.
  • In the early release of the map, the Russian Empire used the SMLE MKIII with the "Standard Issue Rifles" custom server setting enabled.
Łupków Pass Skull


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