The M1128 in real life.

The M1128 Mobile Gun System is a modified Stryker, which in turn is a modified MOWAG Piranha. It utilizes a 105mm rifled cannon and is designed to provide direct fire-support to troops in low-level conflicts and light anti-armor support. It is also designed to be air-mobile, so it can be part of a rapid reaction force.                            

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3BL M1128
Vehicle health 1000
Disable threshold 33%
Vehicle passengers 5
Vehicle armor Reactive Armor
Main weapon M68A2 105 mm cannon
Main weapon ammunition per reload 1
Secondary weapon ATGM Launcher (Complete "Wired Attack" Assignment)
Cannon HE (Complete "Explosive Threat" Assignment)
Coaxial LMG (M240C, 800 points)
Guided Shell (16000 points)
Canister Shell (34000 points)
Countermeasures IR Smoke (400 points)
Thermal Camo (28000 points)
Extinguisher (Complete "Need Repair" Assignment)
Operators United States Marine Corps
Complete Tank Destroyer Guide - Battlefield 308:16

Complete Tank Destroyer Guide - Battlefield 3

"The M1128 is a eight-wheeled tank destroyer used by USA and Canada. "

— Battlelog description

The M1128 is a Tank Destroyer featured in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. It has the chassis and troop carrying capacity of an IFV with the same cannon capability as a MBT, yet moves and shifts after expelling rounds and generally lacks stability. Due to its lack of armor compared to other vehicles, it must rely on speed and maneuverability when facing other armor.

The Extinguisher is unlocked upon the completion of the Need Repair assignment.


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