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The M142 HIMARS in real life.

The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is a US light multiple rocket launcher mounted on a standard Army Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV) truck frame.

The HIMARS carries six rockets or one Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missile on the US Army's new Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) five-ton truck, and can launch the entire M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) family of munitions. It is also interchangeable with the MLRS M270A1, carrying half the rocket load.

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3BL M142.Himars
Vehicle health 1000
Disable threshold 60%
Vehicle passengers Driver
gunner (1 total)
Vehicle armor ??
Tertiary weapon Anti-Air Missile (Complete "Anti-Air Support" assignment)
Air-Burst Missile (Complete "Rocket Specialist" assignment)
ATACMS Missile (2500 points)

ATGM Launcher (7000 points)

Passenger weapon 6 x 227mm M270 series rockets
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 6
Countermeasures IR Smoke (400 points)
Proximity Defense (9000 points)
Operators Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
"Mobile rocket artillery used by US Marine Corps and Fire Brigade."
— Battlelog Description

The M142 is a vehicle featured in the Armored Kill expansion pack, available to the USMC as their Mobile Artillery Vehicle. Its Russian counterpart is the BM-23. It is a single-operator vehicle, although it has two seats. The operator must switch between the driver and gunner positions, preventing use of weapons while moving.

Compared to its Russian equal, the M142 is more sluggish in its handling and acceleration, but has smaller windows that grants the driver extra protection against small arms fire.

Its main weapon system is a turret capable of swiveling 360° and firing six rockets in one salvo. The minimap can be expanded to show the impact areas, much like the behavior for the M224 Mortar after the matching patch. On level ground it has a minimum engagement distance of about 100 meters, and a maximum of about 650. The targeting reticle roughly corresponds to 50 meter increments, starting with 100m at the top and 400m at the bottom. Adjustments must be made when attacking other elevations, and when stationed on a slope.

A quirk in the projectile behavior allows them to pass through objects shortly after launch, reducing the risk of the operator injuring himself if firing near cover.

Although not equipped with close-range weapons, the Proximity Defense specialization surrounds the vehicle with smoke that can kill infantry and destroy enemy equipment at close range. Otherwise, the operator is vulnerable even to small arms fire through the windshield. The player can turn the vehicle away from anticipated enemy routes, but there is a delay as the weapon system must be turned towards target.

The TOW missile used by the vehicle fires at a higher trajectory and faster speed than the comparable ATGM Launcher for IFVs, but is otherwise the same.

The specializations available to mobile artillery vehicles focus mainly on alternate weapons and threat minimization:


Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 himars
Disable threshold 10%
Vehicle passengers 1 (Driver/Gunner)
Main weapon 6 x 227mm M270 series rockets
Countermeasures IR Smoke
Vehicle speed Low
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Operators Neutral

The M142 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 4, as a non-factional mobile artillery vehicle.

The main purpose of the M142 is long range bombardment via rocket strikes. It fires a series of powerful and fairly accurate rockets on a targeted position. However, its armor and health are fairly low, and the vehicle is limited in terms of range -- the M142 has a minimum range of 108 meters and a max range of 430 meters. Within that 108 meter area, it cannot aim, making it vulnerable at close range.

The driver of the M142 is rather safe due to the vehicle's small windows, making it harder for an enemy to shoot the driver out. For defenses, the driver has IR smoke to deflect oncoming guided missiles. As mentioned above, the M142's main weapon has a limited range and as such cannot defend itself in close quarters. It can roadkill enemies, but this is the vehicle's only means of killing an enemy at close-range, and is ineffective against anything but infantry.

Once a player switch position to "firing mode", the M142 functions similar to the M224 Mortar. The player can choose to rapidly fire off rockets, though they will be less accurate, with spread increasing with each successive shot.

The M142 is labeled as a transport in-game, meaning all points scored in the M142 will add to the progression for the kit in-use while operating the vehicle.


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