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Hotchkiss Mle

A Hotchkiss Mle in reality

The Hotchkiss Mle. 1909 machine gun was a French designed light machine gun of the early 20th century, developed and built by Hotchkiss et Cie. The weapon made use of distinct 30-round strip magazines in addition to more common belts.

Battlefield 1Edit

"A slow firing, strip fed LMG best used from a distance."
— In-game description

Two variants of the M1909 Benét–Mercié are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Support kit.

Both variants retain much of their damage over distance, and have good marks for accuracy and control. This is offset by a somewhat slower rate of fire compared to other LMGs. Selective fire is available, although LMGs in Battlefield 1 benefit from increasing accuracy with sustained fire.

The M1909 is also used in belt-fed form as the driver's main weapon on the Mark V landship.

M1909 Benét–Mercié Light InfantryEdit

The M1909 Benét–Mercié Light Infantry variant operated with a foregrip attachment and iron sights.

M1909 Benét–Mercié GunnerEdit

The Gunner variant is fitted with a tripod for supported shooting, in addition to a medium-power scope. This grants the weapon superior accuracy at a distance compared to its other versions.


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