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Dodge Model 30 IRL

A Dodge Model 30 in reality

The Dodge Model 30 was developed by Dodge Brothers Company, who had produced parts for the Ford Motor Company and Olds Motor Company. Designed by Horace Dodge in 1914, it was marketed as an upscale alternative to the Ford Model T.[1]

Lieutenant George S. Patton of the U.S. Cavalry had a favorable experience with Model 30s used during a skirmish against members of Pancho Villa's paramilitary forces, leading to many thousands of the vehicle being purchased by the War Department.[2] The Model 30 saw widespread use as staff cars, ambulances, and scout cars, as well as civilian roadsters and touring cars.

Battlefield 1Edit

M30 Scout
M30 Scout Icon
Vehicle passengers 1x driver
1x gunner
1x passenger
(3 total)
Vehicle armor Light
(Passengers fully exposed)
Main weapon None
(Seat 1)
Passenger weapon 1x 7.7mm Vickers Light MG
(Seat 2)
Second passenger weapon Personal equipment
(Seat 3)
Vehicle speed High
Vehicle maneuverability Very High

An armored Model 30 appears in Battlefield 1 as the M30 Scout.


M30 Scouts are seen used by the Ottoman Empire during the chapter Nothing Is Written.


It is the fast-attack vehicle of the Allied Powers, and is used by the British Empire, Kingdom of Italy and French Republic.

As with other fast attack vehicles appearing in the Battlefield series, the Scout Car carries three occupants. It appears in certain maps as a neutral vehicle and at deployments, but is not controlled by a Tanker.

The driver has the ability to handbrake, a feature carried over from Battlefield Hardline. This allows for rapid turns while maintaining high speed, or to quickly make defensive turns. The gunner uses a Vickers machine gun on a tall pintle mount, and the third seat passenger may use their own equipment.

With vehicle entry animations new to the series, players may directly enter the second or third seats without needing to jump through the driver seat. By consequence, players cannot enter the vehicle from certain sides if a teammate is already in the seat for that side.



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