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For the equivalent on Russian weapons, see GP-30.

M320 IRL

The H&K M320 in reality.

The M320 is a limited-use grenade launcher being developed by Heckler & Koch to replace the M203 grenade launcher. It fires the same 40mm underbarrel grenades, but uses a breach-loading mechanism as opposed to the free-sliding barrel of the M203. The weapon can be used either as an underbarrel attachment on many assault rifles, including the M16/M4 series of rifles, or as a standalone weapon. It is a variant of the AG-36 grenade launcher used on the L85A2 and G36 assault rifles.

In the prototype phase, it was known as the XM320, and was seen on the XM8 assault rifle.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

The XM320 is one of the three grenade launchers used on assault rifles. The XM320 attaches to the XM8 Assault Rifle, and has a moderate reload time. The XM320 loads slower than the M203, but faster than the GP-30. They all do the same damage, as well as having the same effective range of around 400 meters.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

The XM320 is a grenade launcher in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

It performs identically to the other launchers found in-game, and is still only used on the XM8 assault rifle. It can fire standard 40mm grenades, 40mm smoke grenades, and 40mm shotgun rounds, with each performing the same as with the other grenade launchers.
BFBC2 XM320 Static.png
The XM320 in static position.
BFBC2 XM8 Prototype 40MM Aim.png
Aiming the XM320.

Battlefield 3Edit

Unlocked at 11,000 Assault XP
Damage 112
Suppression 50%
Magazine size 1 grenade
Starting ammunition 3 + 1 grenades (MP)
Maximum ammunition Standalone:
· 7 + 1 grenades (SP)
· 6 + 1 grenades (MP)
· 9 + 1 grenades (SP)
· 6 + 1 grenades (MP)
Rate of fire 20 RPM
Velocity 45 meters per second
Range Medium
Blast radius 0.84 meter kill radius(normal)
Spread zoomed 0 (still)
2 (moving)
Spread unzoomed 0.5 (still)
3 (moving)
Faction All
Kit BF3 Assault Icon Assault
Dogtag(s) Proficiency
Inventory slot Gadget 1 (Rail)
"A single shot 40mm Grenade Launcher, the M320 replaced the old M203 in service with the US Military. Initially developed for the G36 assault rifle, the M320 allows a larger variety of ammunition to be used with the weapon including Fragmentation, Flechette, and Smoke rounds. The M320 can be equipped on some Assault Rifles with the Underslung Rail."
— Battlelog description


The M320 is featured at only certain points during the campaign. During Operation Guillotine, one can be found near a dead Marine in a crater near the canal just after mantling the wall. This weapon takes up a weapon slot, and is not mounted to any gun. On Rock and a Hard Place, an M320 is found attached to the player's starting weapon, the M416.


The M320 is an Assault gadget in Battlefield 3's multiplayer. The M320 is an underbarrel attachment when the assault rifle's second slot is left empty (on the 'Underslung Rail' option), but is a standalone weapon when the second slot on the assault rifle is filled. The arc of the projectile is far more obtuse than in older games, allowing it to go farther more accurately.

Its blast radius is very small, such that one must land the grenade either on or just beside an enemy to gain a kill, limiting its anti-infantry properties. It also has only four rounds, though the player can very quickly replenish the ammunition with the use of a Support player's ammo bag. It can fire multiple ammunition types including standard 40mm grenades, but also specialty rounds such as flechette and smoke rounds.

The grenade launcher occupies the Gadget 1 slot, which is shared with the Medkit and M26 MASS.

Unlike previous Battlefield grenade launchers, the leaf sights can be used if equipped as a separate weapon. The leaf sights do not appear to be accurate. The leaf sights may disappear due to a rare glitch.

Note that if it is equipped alongside the AK-74M, AEK-971 or AN-94 with the Underslung Rail attachment, it will turn into a GP-30 (with its own name in the killfeed), though this is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay. If no underslung rail is attached, it will still be an M320.

Battlefield 3: Close QuartersEdit

The M320 LVG was added in the Close Quarters DLC. This version of the grenade launcher fires a 40mm LVG projectile which detonates after approximately 3 seconds, and is otherwise comparable to an M67 hand grenade. Unlike the 40mm Smoke, the projectile does not deal any damage upon direct impact with an enemy. Any kills with this weapon are added to your total number of frag grenade kills.


Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 M320 Battlelog Icon
Unlocked at Unlocked at start (M320 HE)
Magazine size 1 grenade
Starting ammunition 2 + 1 rounds (HE or LVG)
3 + 1 rounds (SMOKE, DART, FB)
11 + 1 rounds (SP)
Maximum ammunition 5 + 1 rounds (MP, 40mm GRENADES)
Firemodes Single-shot
Kit BF4 Assault Icon Assault
Inventory slot Gadget (Underslung)

The M320 is a grenade launcher featured in Battlefield 4.


The M320 appears in the singleplayer of Battlefield 4. It can be equipped from most Gadget Crates throughout the campaign, and is available in every mission except Shanghai.


The M320 remains a gadget for the Assault kit in Battlefield 4 multiplayer, and is part of the kit's initial equipment, fitted with 40mm HE rounds. All 40mm grenade types from Battlefield 3 return, including the 40mm LVG, along with the new 40mm Flashbang.

Like in Battlefield 3, combining the M320 and UGL Rail on certain weapons (the AK-12, AEK-971 and QBZ-95-1) will instead use a GP-30, while all stats remain shared.

Separate stats are kept for each of the M320's ammunition types in Battlelog.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

BFHL m320
Magazine size 1
Faction Law Enforcement Law Enforcement
Kit Mechanic

The M320 is a grenade launcher set to featured in Battlefield Hardline. The gadget is issued to the Law Enforcement Mechanic to deal with hostile light vehicles. The Criminal equivalent is the M79. The weapon was present in the EB Expo build of Hardline


Battlefield 3Edit

  • When a soldier fires the M320, they will shout out a random grenade voice clip such as, "Throwing grenade!"
  • During the level Operation Guillotine, the picked up M320 has full ammunition with 8 total grenades (1 loaded, 7 in reserve). However, upon reaching an Ammo Crate later in the level, the M320's ammunition will only be refilled to 6 grenades (1 loaded, 5 in reserve) (providing the player had less than this limit in their inventory).
  • The proficiency dog tag shows the XM320 used in the Bad Company series.
  • When equipped standalone with an AEK-971 and MP-412 REX, it will lose its iron sights.

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