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A M35A1 in real life

The M35A1, also known as the Nancy, is an improvised fighting vehicle based on the M35 2½ ton truck used as a cargo transport during the Vietnam War. The M35A1 variant is fitted with the M55 Quadmount with four M2 Browning machine guns used primarily as an anti-aircraft weapon in the back, and a single Coaxial M2 Browning in the front.

The vehicle was used to protect supply convoys from being attacked by the NVA  and Viet Cong during the war. Although convoys were still raided with these in escort, the US lost far less convoy vehicles to raids after they were employed.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Main weapon None
Passenger weapon M55 Quadmount (4x M2 Browning)
Passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Medium
Camouflage(s) Olive Drab
Operators *USMC logo USMC

In Battlefield Vietnam, the M35A1 is used as the USMC and ARVN anti-aircraft gun. The quad-machine guns make short work of infantry and even helicopters, but are prone to overheating.

The truck itself is moderately fast and can be used for alternate troop transport. However, it's easily taken down by tank shells, anti-tank rockets and even machine gun fire.

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