The M3 Gun Motor Carriage was a tank destroyer used by Allied forces in WWII. The GMC was a modified M3 Halftrack APC fitted with a 75mm gun. It saw use under the US Army in the Philippines, North Africa and Italy, and was used to some extent by other Allies at the Western front. It was removed from service in 1944.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Vehicle passengers 3
Vehicle armor Light
Main weapon 75mm gun
Main weapon ammunition per reload 30 shells
Secondary weapon none
Passenger weapon M2 Browning
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 500 rounds
Second passenger weapon none
Operators US Army
Free French Forces

The M3 GMC is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome as an Allied self-propelled artillery piece.

The driver, aside from commandeering the vehicle, is able to fire the 75mm gun. This gun is slightly weak compared to other artillery pieces, being a little bit more damaging than a regular tank shell. The driver makes up for this by being able to both fire and drive at the same time, much like in a tank. The second passenger mans a M2 Browning at the back of the vehicle. Finally, the GMC can carry one additional passenger, who does not have weapons at his disposal and cannot use his equipment.

The vehicle combines the power and velocity of a tank cannon with the armour and superior speed of an APC. Unlike APCs, it will not ressuply or heal its passengers.

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