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A real-life M3 Half-track.

The M3 Half-track was an armored personnel carrier used by the United States, British Empire and other Allies during World War II and the Cold War. Nearly 43,000 were produced and supplied to the US Army and USMC, as well as British Commonwealth and Soviet Red Army forces serving on all fronts throughout the war.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The M3 Half-track is the Allies APC featured in Battlefield 1942 and is typically utilized as a transport vehicle. It has a capacity of six players holding the driver, the gunner and four passengers. The gunner mans the mounted Browning machine gun, which helps in keeping off enemy infantry or as an anti-aircraft weapon.

The M3 constantly resupplies all crew members, and also heals the four passengers. This can turn the vehicle into an "ambulance", which can be taken along when assaulting bases to heal wounded players. Its ammo replenishing ability also gives a practically infinite supply of ammo to the machine gun.

Despite its advantages, the M3 is only lightly armored. It is immune to rifle and pistol rounds, but takes damage from machine guns and all weapons of the Assault class. It will be destroyed by two to three tank shells, one to two artillery shells or one to two Engineer ExpPacks. It is also a large target and poor maneuverability.

An upgraded variant, the M3 GMC, is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 1942 expansion.