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An M416 in reality.

The HK416, also known as the M416, is an assault rifle that was made by German firearms company Heckler & Koch in 2004. The M416 shares lower receiver, magazine, receiver extension, grip, trigger assembly and stock with normal AR-15 rifles, leading to a level of parts commonality, weapon familiarity with troops and relative low cost (in theory). The M416 uses a short-stroke piston design that cycles the bolt carrier, instead of the direct gas impingement system used by the AR-15. The purpose of this was to prevent carbon build up inside the bolt carrier, which can cause catastrophic failure if it is not properly maintained. The short stroke piston design means that no gas from the barrel ever comes in contact with the bolt, increasing reliability and lifespan. This gas system is based on the G36 gas system. The gun has a rate of fire of around 850 rounds per minute, and can mount optics, grenade launchers and grips to the numerous Picatinny rails mounted on the weapon. It is currently in use by many countries around the world including, but not limited to, the United States, Norway, Poland, Singapore, and Turkey.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

BC m416
Unlocked at Unlocked at start
Damage Medium
Magazine size 50
Starting ammunition 200
Rate of fire 500
Accuracy 70
Range Mid-Long
Faction US Army seal US Army
Kit BC assault Assault
Source of statistics Battlefield: Bad Company Official Prima Guide
"The M416 is an upgraded version of the M4 and M16 assault rifles. With new firing mechanics, this modification solved many of the performance issues with the old weapon systems, and also proved to be a more cost effective solution than replacing the huge number of aging rifles in service."
— In game description.


In Battlefield: Bad Company's singleplayer, the M416 is the first weapon the player starts with in every mission (except for Crash and Grab, where the MP-443 Grach takes its place). Marlowe and Redford always have it in cutscenes. The soldiers of Juneau convoy in Welcome to Bad Company are equipped with the M416, possibly implying it is the standard service rifle of the US Army.


In multiplayer, the M416 is the default assault rifle issued to the American Assault kit, and is the American counterpart to the Russian AEK-971 and MEC AUG. It has average stats and is capable of killing in 8-10 shots. Like every other assault rifle in the game, it has a 50 round magazine, 150 rounds in reserve and an M203 grenade launcher. Compared to other assault rifles, it has very clear iron sights which are good for pinpoint accuracy.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Unlocked at 35000 exp
Damage 16.7-14.3
Damage multipliers 2.1x Head
Magazine size 30 rounds
Maximum ammunition 90 + 30 (without Ammo Upgrade)
180 + 30 (with Ammo Upgrade)
Reload time 2.9 seconds
Rate of fire 700 rpm
Range M60DamageRangeBC2
Recoil Low
Firemodes Automatic
Kit BFBC2 Assault Icon Assault
Sound(s) Firing sound
Inventory slot Primary Weapon
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - M41600:09

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - M416

"A German creation, the 416 Assault rifle was built as a solution to the M4/M16 outdated weapon systems. The modifications guard against malfunctions and prolongs the life of parts."
— In-game description.

Only available in multiplayer, the M416 is the sixth assault rifle issued to the Assault kit requiring 35000 points to unlock. It has a 30 round magazine with a grenade launcher, and can be further modified with a Red Dot Sight or 4X Rifle Scope. It boasts all-around effectiveness, but is still outclassed by SMGs and shotguns at close quarters and semi-automatic rifles at longer ranges.

Compared to its close counterpart, the AUG, the M416 is slightly superior in recoil control, reload time and minimum damage. It is equal in maximum damage per second and slightly inferior to the AUG in hipfire spread. The weapon's good and balanced stats give it an easy learning curve and excellent versatility making it a popular assault rifle.

While the iron sights are clear and open, it may be advisable to equip a Red Dot Sight or a 4x Scope on the M416 as the bullet trajectory actually travels higher than the end of the front post sight.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

416-Carbine Render BFP4F
Unlocked at N/A
Unlock cost 1249 (No longer Only through Daily Draw as of re-balance)
Damage 27-18
Damage multipliers x 2.1 (head)
Magazine size 24 rounds
Starting ammunition 48 + 24 rounds
Maximum ammunition 96 + 32 rounds with High Capacity Mags
Reload time 4.35 seconds
Rate of fire 650 rounds per minute
Velocity 650 m/s
Range 416-Carbine Range BFP4F
Recoil Hip

1.40 Up
0.85 Left
0.85 Right
0.95 Up
0.58 Left
0.58 Right

Spread zoomed 0.38 - 0.88
Spread unzoomed 0.40 - 1.35
Firemodes Fully automatic
Kit P4F Assault Symbol Assault
Source of statistics Battlefield Play4Free Comparison Tools
Inventory slot Primary weapon
Battlefield Play4Free - 416-Carbine00:50

Battlefield Play4Free - 416-Carbine

The 416-Carbine is an Assault Rifle featured in Battlefield Play4Free.

The 416-Carbine has the best range of the assault rifles, tied with the AN-94 for long range, but an increased close range distance by ten meters. However, it deals much lower damage and has noticeable recoil. It has 20 rounds per magazine, same as the M4A1, but comes with 1 less magazine than the former upon spawning. Aesthetically, the weapon has the typical black finish of regular weapons, and the sights closely resemble those of the MP5 and G3A4.

The 416-Carbine has a similar appearance to the M27 IAR in the same game, but the M27 has an unusable bipod attached and longer magazines.

Battlefield 3Edit

Unlocked at 22,000 Assault score
Damage 25 - 18.4
Suppression 7.0%
Magazine size 30 + 1 rounds
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Starting ammunition 124 + 31 rounds
Maximum ammunition 372 + 31 rounds (SP)
217 + 31 rounds (MP)
Reload time 1.75 seconds loaded
2.5 seconds empty
Rate of fire 750 RPM
Velocity 600m/s
Range Battlefield 3 AN-94 Range
Maximum range 900m
Recoil 2.0 initial
0.26 up
0.10 left
0.30 right
First shot recoil multiplier 1.8x
Recoil descrease per second 18.0
Spread zoomed 0.2 (static)

1.0 (moving)

Spread unzoomed Standing: 2.5 (static) 3.0 (moving)
Crouching: 2.0 (static) 2.5 (moving)
Prone: 1.5 (static) 2.0 (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 0.1
Spread decrease per second 15.0
Firemodes Full-automatic
Faction Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps (MP and SP)
Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces (MP)
Kit BF3 Assault Icon Assault
Dogtag(s) Proficiency
Source of statistics Retrieved Sept. 13th
Inventory slot Main weapon
Unlocks ACOG (10 kills)
Heavy Barrel (20 kills)
Foregrip (30 kills)
Tactical Light (40 kills)
Reflex (50 kills)
Bipod (60 kills)
Suppressor (70 kills)
Holographic (80 kills)
Laser Sight (90 kills)
IRNV (100 kills)
Rifle Scope (125 kills)
M145 (150 kills)
Flash Suppressor (175 kills)
PSO-1 (200 kills)
Kobra (235 kills)
PKA-S (270 kills)
PKS-07 (300 kills)
PK-A (350 kills)
Battlefield 3 - M41603:53

Battlefield 3 - M416

"The M416 was developed by a famous German weapons manufacturer as a more reliable version of the classic M16. The weapon is essentially a fusion of the M16 and the G36 Assault Rifles. The M416 is reliable and accurate, with a moderate recoil and rate of fire that makes for an effective all around weapon."
— Battlelog description


The M416 appears in Battlefield 3's singleplayer campaign. It is the starting weapon of Henry Blackburn during the mission Rock and a Hard Place.


The M416 is the first unlockable weapon of the Assault kit at 22,000 Assault score. It boasts the same damage as most other assault rifles, mild recoil, and fast reload times for both empty and partially-full reloads much like the M16A3. The M416 has less tendency to kick rightwards than the M16A3, allowing for better recoil control during automatic fire. The accuracy is particularly high, also comparable to an M16A3. It also has a lower first shot recoil than the M16A3, but a higher first shot recoil than the AK-74M.

It is nearly identical to the M27 IAR, which is based off the M416, although the M416 has a smaller magazine, a shorter barrel, and differs in accuracy and recoil.

As of the December Soldier Upgrade, premium members will be able to equip the Airman Camo on the M416 by default and can also equip the Woodland Stripe Camo once the M416 Specialist assignment is completed.


Battlefield 4Edit

Bf4 m416
Unlocked at 11,000 Assault Rifle Score
Damage 24.5 - 18
Magazine size 30 + 1 rounds
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Starting ammunition 124+31 rounds
Maximum ammunition 124+31 rounds (SP)
Reload time 1.85 seconds (loaded)
2.4 seconds (empty)
Rate of fire 750 rpm
Velocity 600 m/s
340 m/s (suppressed)
Range AR range
Maximum range 900 m
0.12 Recoil arrs 0.28
First shot recoil multiplier 2.2×
Recoil descrease per second 18
Spread zoomed 0.2 (static)
1.0 (moving)
Spread unzoomed 3 hip, 2.5 crouch, 2 prone (static)
3.5 hip, 3 crouch, 2.5 prone (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 0.098
Spread decrease per second 11.1
Firemodes Fully-automatic
Kit BF4 Assault Icon Assault
Dogtag(s) Master Dog Tag: BF4 M416 Master Dog Tag
Unlocks Reflex (RDS) (10 kills)
Laser sight (20 kills)
Ergo Grip (30 kills)
Muzzle Brake (40 kills)
ACOG (4x) (50 kills)
Canted Ironsights (60 kills)
Angled Grip (70 kills)
Heavy Barrel (80 kills)
M145 (3.4x) (90 kills)
Flash Light (100 kills)
Bipod (110 kills)
Compensator (120 kills)
Holo (1x) (130 kills)
Magnifier (2x) (140 kills)
Stubby Grip (150 kills)
Suppressor (160 kills)

The M416 appears in Battlefield 4. It is the second Assault Rifle unlocked, after the SCAR-H and the default AK-12. Much like in BF:BC2 and Battlefield 3, it is a very balanced weapon, a middle ground between the other assault rifles, and hence is versatile for many situations.


William Dunn wields the M416 in Baku with a ACOG (4x).

It can be unlocked for singleplayer missions by completing the Bronze assignment in Tashgar by scoring 5,000 points. It is fitted with a Reflex, Magnifier, Angled Grip and Heavy Barrel. It features an ERDL Woodland paint.


It has a moderate firerate at 750 RPM, average damage, good accuracy and a quick reload. Its recoil is average, similar to the AK-12 but with a slight rightwards pull. Like other American and Western European weapons, it unlocks the US attachments. The Chinese and Russian attachments are unlocked through Battlepacks.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

This section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
Unlock cost $50,000
Damage 28 - 18
Magazine size 30 + 1 rounds
33 + 1 rounds (Extended Magazine)
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Starting ammunition 124 + 31 rounds (MP)
Maximum ammunition 58 + 29 rounds (SP)
170 + 34 rounds (SP with Extended Magazine)
217 + 31 rounds (MP - Extra Magazines)
Reload time 2.21 seconds loaded
2.6 seconds empty
Rate of fire 850 RPM
Velocity 600m/s
Range BFHL M16 range
0.05 Recoil arrs 0.20
First shot recoil multiplier 2.2×
Recoil descrease per second 12
Spread zoomed 0.2 (static) 1 (moving)
Spread unzoomed Standing: 3.0 (static) 3.5 (moving) Crouching: 2.5 (static) 3.0 (moving) Prone: 2.0 (static) 2.5 (moving)
Spread increase per bullet 0.098
Spread decrease per second 15
Firemodes Fully Automatic
Faction Criminals Criminals
Kit BFHL Operator Icon Operator
Source of statistics Retrieved Mar. 20th
"The M416 is an AR-15-style rifle that sports a short-stoke gas system similar to the G36. This makes the M416's rate of fire slightly higher than traditional blow-back operation."
— In-game description

The M416 returns in Battlefield Hardline as a purchasable assault rifle available to the Criminal Operator kit. 

It has the highest rate of fire in its weapon class at 850 RPM.

By default, the M416 is equipped with the Comp M4S.



The M416 has been in every modern-era Battlefield installment since Battlefield: Bad Company.

Battlefield: Bad Company seriesEdit

  • In Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, when the M416's grenade launcher is fired, the player model does not have his finger on the trigger of the M203, in both third, and first-person. This is the same with the M16.
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, when the M416 is fired, the ejection port remains in a closed position at all times.
  • The reloading animation in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the same as the M4A1 in Medal of Honor's multiplayer. This is likely as DICE designed Medal of Honor's multiplayer.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

  • In Battlefield Play4Free, the 416-Carbine shares the same firing sound and reloading sounds as the M4A1 in game, probably due to it being very similar to the latter.
  • As well, it shares the same sounds and animations as the M27 IAR in game (except for the reloading animation), as it is the 416-carbine's LSW variant.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • The M416 portrayed in Battlefield 3 is a D10RS 10.4-inch barrel variant.
  • In Battlefield 3, the M416 possessed a three-round burst fire mode in addition to semi and full-auto. However, the March 27th patch removed this feature.
  • It shares all the same reload animations as the M16, M27 IAR and M417.
  • The proficiency dogtag shows the M416 modified with an M203 launcher, resembling the M416 from previous games.

Battlefield 4Edit

  • The M416 shares the same default iron sights as the SAR-21.
  • The M416 portrayed in Battlefield 4 is a D14.5RS 14.5-inch barrel variant.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • During the Open Beta, the M416 was originally a Law Enforcement weapon, but was switched to the Criminals following the Beta, with Law Enforcement instead getting the G36C. This was probably due to Law Enforcement having access to both the M16A3 and M416, which were similarly functioning high rate of fire weapons, while the Criminal rifles were mostly slower firing and higher damaging. The switch helped balance out the discrepancy between the two faction's weapons.


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