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The Harley Davidson 18-J is an American motorcycle first manufactured in 1918.

Battlefield 1Edit

MC 18J Sidecar
MC 18J Sidecar Icon
Vehicle passengers 1x driver
1x passenger
(2 total)
Vehicle armor Light
(Passengers fully exposed)
Main weapon None
(Seat 1)
Passenger weapon Personal equipment
(Seat 2)
Vehicle speed High
Vehicle maneuverability Very High

The MC 18J Sidecar is a light vehicle featured in Battlefield 1. It is the motorcycle of the Allied Powers, and is used by the British Empire and Kingdom of Italy. It can seat two players, a driver and a passenger in a sidecar who has access to their kit for self-defense. As with the M30 Scout, players enter the seats from different sides.




  • Although of American design, none of the maps featuring the US Army feature motorcycles.

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