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"The Bandit is a quick and agile, high-performance, four-wheel-drive FAV used primarily as a multi-terrain, front line, battle transport. It has been in service prior to 2036, making it very old. It has presumably seen various design alterations during this time for it to remain in service for this long. Armored only with lightweight ceramic elements and Triplex plates, one of the latest aramid fire-resistant synthetic fibers in the 22nd Century, the Bandit sacrifices protection for speed, equipped with a pulsed plasma thruster (PPT), providing short bursts of extreme acceleration. The Bandit is armed with a single, medium-caliber, double barrel, anti-infantry repeater."

— Prima Official Strategy Guide

The MK-15 Bandit is a fast attack vehicle, or FAV, used by the European Union during The Cold War and is featured in Battlefield 2142

The driver only has access to Boost capability and the vehicle horn. The gunner has a light machine gun turret to repel infantry. A third passenger has access to all of their personal equipment.

Though protected by light armor, all passengers are exposed to some degree. Positioned in a rear interior seat, the gunner is the best protected. The passenger is highly exposed.

The vehicle does not carry Active Defense System or any missile warning system.

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