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Jackhammer r
The MK3A1 in real life.

The Pancor MK3A1 or Jackhammer is a 12-gauge, gas-operated, fully automatic shotgun. It was developed by John Anderson in 1984 and patented in 1987. Its cumbersome design and early protoypes inability to cycle after 3 shells never led it to be fully produced; there are few (according to some reports, only two) prototypes in existence.

Battlefield 2Edit

Ussht jackhammer

15-8 x8 (120-64)

Unlocked at

Tier One

Ammunition capacity

7 shells

Reload time

5 seconds

Rate of fire

255 rpm


4 (hip)
1 (zoomed)

Spread zoomed


Spread unzoomed


Spread increase per round


Fire mode

Fully Automatic


Engineer.Icon.BF2 Engineer

"The Jackhammer is a gas-operated heavy shotgun loaded with 7 round revolver type cylinders. Due to its long reload time it’s important to be careful when firing on the full auto setting or you will find yourself out of ammunition at an inconvenient moment."
— In-game description

In Battlefield 2, the MK3A1 is the Tier one unlock for the Engineer Kit. It is the only full-automatic shotgun, and fires from a ten-round magazine. It is significantly less powerful than the pump-action shotguns or the Benelli M4, although it shares their long reload pattern.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Ammunition capacity

10 shells

Starting ammunition

40 shells

The MK3A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It can be purchased for a price of 120,000 Play4Free Funds or obtained as a gift. It holds ten 12-gauge shells and is fully-automatic.

Battlefield 3Edit


Reflex (10 kills)
12g Flechette (20 kills)
Extended Mag (30 kills)
Holographic (40 kills)
Tactical Light (50 kills)
12g Frag (60 kills)
ACOG (70 kills)
Laser Sight (80 kills)
12g Slug (90 kills)
IRNV (100 kills)
Rifle Scope 6x (125 kills)
M145 (150 kills)
Flash Suppressor (175 kills)
Kobra (200 kills)
PKA-S (235 kills)
PSO-1 (270 kills)
PKS-07 (300 kills)
PK-A (350 kills)


16-6 x8 with buckshot (128-48)
12.5-8.4 x8 with flechette (100-67.2)
75-37.5 with slug
20-5 with frag

Ammunition capacity

8 + 1 rounds
12+1 with extended magazines

Starting ammunition

21 rounds
37 rounds with ammo perk
33 rounds with ext. mags
58 rounds with both

Reload time

3.6 seconds
4.5 seconds empty

Rate of fire

255 rounds per minute
200 with frag rounds





Fire mode



Russian Ground Forces




youtube width="155" height="25" </youtube>

"Fully automatic shotgun prototype developed in the US."
— Battlelog description

The MK3A1 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion and is unlocked upon the completion of the Scarred Veteran assignment. It has more ammunition than the USAS-12 when equipped with extended magazines with 12+1 rounds available. It has high recoil if fired fully auto while aimed down the sight, but only after the first 3-4 shots. The ammo specialization is highly recommended, as the MK3A1 uses ammo very quickly.

Compared to its closest counterpart, the USAS-12, it has the same base accuracy and pellet spread, but benefits from firing 1 extra pellet per shot for a total 8, in exchange for having a lower rate of fire. Battlefield Premium members can equip the Airman and Woodland camouflages to the weapon upon the completion of the MK3A1 Specialist assignment.


  • The MK3A1 is the only fully-automatic shotgun in Battlefield 2.
  • In Battlefield 3, upon unlocking extended magazines, an extended tubular magazine is displayed onscreen. This is odd, considering that the MK3A1 has a cylindrical magazine.
  • The MK3A1 feeds from a revolver style drum cylinder, so it does not chamber a round to gain a +1 as portrayed in Battlefield 3.
  • The MK3A1 is the only shotgun in Battlefield 3 that does not change visually when equipped with a flash suppressor.
  • The ACOG, when equipped on this weapon showed the PK-A's reticule but, retained the zoom. (This has since been patched).
  • Before the March 2012 patch, the MK3A1 had a strange clicking in the reload sound that would have been played when the player attempted to insert a fresh magazine.
  • It shared the same firing sound as the USAS-12 and had rifle crosshairs prior to the March 2012 patch.
  • The suppressor, when equipped, failed to affect the weapon at all.
  • After the March patch, when firing full auto, the recoil animation disappears, showing the muzzle climb without any shaking. This can be countered by quickly tapping the fire button.
  • After the June 2012 patch, the ammunition capacity was increased to 8+1.
  • Even if the MK3A1 doesn't eject empty shells like a revolver, a sound of one or more shells bouncing on the ground can be heard.

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