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The MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait is an Engineer weapon unlock added in Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike. The bait emits a magnetic flux that activates and attracts any nearby motion mines. After a few seconds of activation, the bait emits a pulse that detonates any nearby mines.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The intended purpose of mine bait is to clear an area of motion mines, making it safe for vehicles to cross. However, bait can also be used to draw mines towards an area where the bait user wants them to detonate, such as an enemy Goliath or unwary infantry. The detonation pulse can also be used against other explosive devices (i.e. APMs, RDX, EMP mines), though the bait must be thrown nearby.

The detonation pulse has a mild visual stun effect against nearby infantry, but is otherwise harmless directly.

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