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The MP-APS in real life.

The Man-Portable Active Protection System (MP-APS) is a "soft-kill" active protection system used by infantry that prevents missiles from hitting them by confusing the missiles with a laser-based infrared directional jammer, causing them to hit something else instead.

Battlefield 4Edit

"Man-Portable Active Protection System that detonates incoming explosive Rockets and Shells from both infantry and vehicles before they can hit their targets. Will not stop normal bullets or hand thrown grenades. Can destroy multiple incoming threats in a 180-degree arc, but must recharge between uses."

— Battlelog description

The MP-APS appears in Battlefield 4 as a gadget for the Support class.

It functions similarly to the Active Protection specialization for vehicles, neutralizing any anti-vehicle weaponry or launched grenades for up to five seconds at a time. When first deployed or set back down after carrying, the system takes three seconds to initialize. Protection is automatically activated by the presence of an incoming projectile. After each protection cycle, it requires ten seconds to re-arm.

Unlike the vehicle based system, the MP-APS only protects a single 180° sector, in the direction the deploying soldier was facing. Three status lights on top indicate the protected zone and the system's status:

  • Solid green - ready
  • Pulsing green - protection active
  • Flashing red - offline

An audible alarm sounds when the system is offline. The owner can also patch into the gadget's camera and orient the system in another direction, through use of a remote control with video feed.

The MP-APS adds an icon to the minimap showing which way it is facing, indicated by a shielded zone with a small heading triangle. (The icon does not precisely correspond with the protected area.) When offline, this icon also flashes.

A specialization, the MP-APS UPGRADE, increases the uptime of the gadget, allowing it to neutralize launched explosives for a much longer time before re-arming.


  • The MP-APS that appears in Battlefield 4 is based on the Shock Absorber, designed and produced by Israel Military Industries and based on the Iron Fist countermeasure, also produced by IMI.